What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 27-July 3

Kris had not managed to get a game of Necromunda in so far in June and he had been blaming it on the fact that he upgraded a few models but had not gotten around to painting them yet. “I decided it was time to rectify that and did a quick session on these 4 models to get me back to a fully painted, what you see, is what you get Gang.”

Kris managed to get in a game with Chad of Necromunda to ensure that Kris didn’t miss an entire game week! “This was the first time our gangs had met and we were scrounging through some abandoned Hive Domes looking for anything of value when the shooting started! Some risky plays on my part managed to put Chad into a difficult decision of continuing to push the fight or sacrificing the territory and remaining boxes of loot in favour of emerging mostly unharmed from the fight, so whilst I won the game, Chad did manage to kill my most expensive fighter and the Juve who pushed forwards with him! I should have known how good Amboy close range shooting is, having used one myself in our last campaign!”

Kris also managed to squeeze in a quick game of Warcry this week. “My Daemons of Nurgle trying to hold on to an Artifact of Power while surrounded by a deadly Nighthaunt Warband. Luckily for me, the Twist we rolled up for this game was that there was a storm of healing rain that allowed me to heal an extra 9 wounds on my Fighter who was carrying the artifact. One of the things that I like about the game is that even in a scenario like this one, where going in to the last turn it was fairly clear I would get the win, there are still other points to play for, the Nighthaunt easily butchered their way through my less tanky members to claim glory for taking 1/3 of my Warband out of action.”

Kris and Gill had some friends over and once Evie had gone to bed they got in a 4 Player Game of Gutenberg. “I really enjoyed how much the extra players added to the game, the bidding dynamic really shifts and having more flexibility becomes key. Scott and Margo had the same feeling as Gill and I when we were learning, the set up makes the game feel really intimidating but as soon as you start to play it all flows really well. They picked it up really quickly and it was fun to see other people’s strategies and how they acted differently to Gill and I. In the end Margo won her first game, with me messing up my last round and missing out on what should have been a free 8 points from a Patron Card, but it was a fun night and we love the game.”

Christopher wanted to play an Escape Room game with Renee and Jenn so he could use the decoder, which he thought looked like a lot of fun. “They’ve made some family versions so we tried the Jungle themed one with him. The game contains one story, broken up into 3 sessions. The gameplay remains the same, but simplified in a few ways. For example in each envelope it lays out the 4 puzzles you’re trying to solve and their order so its clear what code you’re trying to work out. In addition the puzzles are designed for children participating both in terms of theme and the level of the puzzles. The puzzles were a good combination of engaging for him without being too frustrating. Christopher absolutely loved it and we really enjoyed playing it with him. Christopher asked to play more so we tried one of the regular expansion packs that we had brought, Da Vinci’s Telescope. However Christopher found it harder to participate as the puzzles were quite a bit harder. Jenn and I both really enjoyed it though; good theme and a good mix of puzzles.”

Renee brought a few card games to the cottage and Sluff Off! turned out to be the biggest hit. “This is a trick taking game with a set trump suit. The game play is very standard but what makes it unique is that after you get your cards, you take coloured chips for which tricks you believe you’re going to win. Then when you win a trick you discard the corresponding coloured chip. Chips are worth negative 2 points so you want to make sure you’re able to get rid of them, however if you win a trick for which you don’t have a chip, you earn a chip worth negative 3 points which you can’t get rid of. Players also have a choice of taking the sluffer – inexplicably a little rubber piece with 2 chickens – and take on the role of The Sluffer to mess with everyone else’s game, preventing them from winning tricks they need and winning tricks they don’t want. We all really enjoyed this game and it got played quite a bit.”