Maximum Arbitration Part 6: Downtime

You are getting the hang of the rules. You are learning when to shoot and when to stab. Most (if not all) of the territories in your hive have been claimed. These things can only mean that one event is about to happen. Downtime. But what is it? And what do you do now?

Most players who have been in a Necromunda campaign before will be familiar with Downtime, but if this is your first time it is worth going through to make sure it is all done right. Basically, Downtime is a chance for players to get a little break in, before things change up for the next phase of the campaign. Rules for Downtime (Rulebook Pg.83) are quite simple, but are a bit different to what has been going on so far. As we have been playing each ‘game week’ as a month of real time, the same will apply here. Don’t worry though, it isn’t a month off from Necromunda!

Once the Occupation Phase (‘game weeks’ 1-3…) comes to an end, players have until their next game to complete the following.

  1. Fighters Recover Any In Recovery boxes on the gang roster are cleared.

2. Experienced Juves Are Promoted If a Juve has five or more Advancements, they are promoted. Their characteristics and credits value are unaffected, but their Type is changed to Champion. From now on, they are treated like a Champion in all respects. This is quite difficult to achieve, so don’t sweat it if you aren’t even close.

3. Fresh Recruitment All gangs gain 250 credits to recruit new fighters and/or Hangers-on. These credits must be spent now and cannot be added to the gang’s Stash. Gangs may supplement these credits with extra credits from their Stash.

Fairly straight forward and every gang will come out of Downtime ahead of where they were. Also, it shouldn’t take you a calendar month to complete the list…What are you going to be doing with the rest of your time!?! While Downtime is a month of real time, and players will get the gaming itch, it is an excellent time to finish models or build new plans. However, players can still engage in a game or two.

Side battles are special battles fought during Downtime and can only be played after the effects of Downtime (see above) are applied.

For balance reasons, Side Battles have no effect on Territories. Gangs will not gain Income or credits or Reputation. So, no beefing up on side battles! Players will be happy to find out that you can still gain Experience and suffer Lasting Injuries from a Side Battle.

Without wanting to interfere in any way, I have a scenario, which will work if you just can’t get along without a tussle this month.

As gangs are laying low and making big plans it seems that only chance encounters will arise. Shootout (Rulebook Pg. 166) sees D3+1gangers from each side trying not to draw first, in a tense and often deadly firefight. This scenario will work fine as written, but don’t forget; no Credits or Reputation this time.

Additionally, a Gang Moot (Rulebook Pg. 182) has been decided upon, but the exact time and guest list are still unknown. Don’t worry scummers, you still have lots of time to get ready. It won’t be for a few ‘game weeks’ yet. Which is good ’cause you will need to prepare!

YYC Hive is tiny and boring in comparison with much of Necromunda, but we do like to dress up and put on a show! Only the ‘coolest’ gangs will be in attendance for the Gang Moot, which will require players who wish to attend to make a second Equipment Set (Rulebook Pg. 95) for their Leader or Champion of their choice. This will be known as the ‘Fancy Dress’ Equipment Set and will require a bit of showy gear and weapons to pull off correctly.

‘Fancy Dress’ may include any weapons from the Pistols, Knives, Mundane Combat Weapons, Grenades and Armour sections of the Trading Post (Book of the Outcast Pg. 108), all bigger ordinance is held back to avoid mega-violence. ‘Fancy Dress’ must include two items from any of the following: Field Armour, Personal Equipment (of a Rarity 8 or higher…), Weapon Accessories or Status Items. Additionally, Pistols and Grenades from the Black Market as well as any Special Ammunition, Armour, Personal Equipment and/or Chems with a, Illegal 9 or higher, will also count. Finally, any two items from the Badzone Trading Post will also guarantee entry.

A whole new, alternate model may need to be created and painted, depending on how extravagant you want to go with it. Players are free to mix and match between the Trading Post, Black Market and Badzone Trading Post to fulfil the required two items. Have fun and get creative! Your Downtime time should be sorted out. See you next ‘game week’ scummers!

-Uncle Mike