What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 20-26

Greg and Tracy played another two player game of Foundations of Rome with the Monuments module. “One of the monuments was a huge Winery that was 2×3 in size and earned a big 4 coins and 8 points per scoring phase. I was fortunate enough to build it in the second era, although Tracy then built a civic building next to it to leech victory points from it. We fought over the population track to earn the bonus points available for that, and between us we built the rest of the monuments too. In the end it was a pretty close game but I managed to just stay ahead on the population track and it proved to be enough to win me the game. Still can’t get over how awesome this game looks on the table too!”

Sue painted Dhoraz Giant-fell as her leader for the Sentry Box Warcry League. “He is actually from Warhammer Underworlds Harrowdeep. From the moment they announced him, I knew I wanted him to be the leader of my Stormcast Eternals. The Harrowdeep models are push fit. I always dry fit first. But as I’ve noticed with other push fit models, some of them don’t fit so well with even a layer of primer on them. The connections are that tight. So you might want to sand them down a bit before painting them. I finished most of the painting before assembling as there are a number of hard to reach areas. There is a cut right down the shoulder so I used some green stuff to try and give it a more uniform look after I assembled the model. I used Apothecary White Contrast Paint for the hair, beard, and cloak, and a thinned down (with Contrast Medium) Guilliman Flesh for his face. For the armor, I used Vallejo Silver with a very thin black wash over top. Although I primed this model white, I will be priming other Stormcast armor with the Vallejo Silver Primer, and I wanted that bright, heroic silver as opposed to the darker Lead Belcher primer that I reserve for Chaos Knights. For his tunic, I used Vallejo’s Magic Blue with Talassar Blue Contrast Paint over top. I sometimes like to use Contrast Paint over a color in case of pooling, it will be less noticeable. For the eyes and brows I used a black Citadel Layer Small brush.”

Kris had to paint a couple of Ungor Raiders with Bows for his friend to use when they played Warcry. “Playing against an unpainted warband was not really and option. :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:As I am a gluten for punishment, I decided I may as well paint all of the random Ungor models I have at once, so I ended up painting 9 instead of 2. I used Games Workshop contrast paints for the base layers on these models and then went in with some shades and layering to make them pop a little more. The Beasts of Chaos models are all really cool and have a lot of character.”

Kris finally got to play a full size game of Star Wars: Legion! “I have lost count of the number of Demo or Intro games that I have run since the game launched, but I have never gotten to actually sit and play a full 800 point game. The new Shadow Collective box looked really cool, and when combined with the Unnatural Resources event that we ran on the weekend, it seems like a great time to jump into the game! Now I just have to get it all painted :sob:

Greg and his group switched up their Friday night game because it had been a long week and they started late, so they decided on some Spades. “Lani and I teamed up against Matt and Tracy for this one. I started off with a Nil bid and was pretty confident, but some bad luck meant my 5 of diamonds ended up winning a trick, so we started badly, going negative. Things didn’t improve after that, with us missing out on bids by the odd trick, or just failing to stop their bid and ending up taking a bunch of bags. Lani then made her own Nil bid and failed because my own hand was also weak and I wasn’t able to cover her. We ended up getting to 10 bags too, so took -100 for that, and the scores ended up very lopsided, with Tracy and Matt winning 536 to -97. Ouch.”

Renee and Jenn played Dice Miner again for the first time in about a year. “I forgot how much fun this game is! At its core it’s a simple dice drafting game, where players take turns taking available dice from the top of the mountain. Each die type has different scoring rules, including the black hazard dice which are negative points, unless you combine them with the correct green tools in which case they can be quite profitable!  The fun comes with the beer dice. All the dice have a beer face and when you draft a beer, it doesn’t have a points value, but allows you to use it in a later turn to draft 2 dice from the sides of the mountain. Seems good, however when you use it, you must reroll it and give the resulting die to your opponent. So you’re trying to figure out how to draft the dice you need off the side of the mountain without giving your opponent dice that might be very useful to them. This is further compounded by the fact that the dice you gain each round you keep and get to reroll at the start of the next round so the dice you give them could be helping them create their engine. Also, can we talk about those seemingly helpful blue magic dice that grant the ability to reroll your dice before scoring? Seems good right? Well I had a bunch of hazard dice which I can’t reroll but I managed to get some green tool dice, so all I needed was the magic dice to allow me to turn those tool dice into the correct tool. I had like 15 rerolls and a couple of dice I could reroll. And nada. Nothing. I managed to beat the odds and roll nothing at all useful. Cool. Coolcoolcool. It seems very questionable, but I do love my dice games.”

Greg and Tracy came back to their Dice Throne Adventures campaign in the second portal crawl, this time with 3 salves to start with. “We didn’t get off to a great start though, taking a bunch of damage, and even though I got off a natural ultimate against one minion, we continued to struggle. That was in large part due to coming up against a tough level 4 minion that did damage against all of us when it attacked. We tried our best, but came up short, failing before we reached the final minion. We tried again though, this time with 6 salves and even more loot. It was a much smoother ride this game, and we finished off the Goblin Horde to win the game, ending with 7 salves to take into our game against the Fallen Gunslinger next time.”

We had a full house at the Painting Demo on Sunday but Sue managed to finish 2 and a half heads for her Warcry Warband. “The heads on the ends are Forgeworld Stormcast Eternals heads. I put some greenstuff on them so that they would fit into the bodies I have chosen for them. I cut the middle head off of one of the models from Warhammer Underworlds – Steelheart’s Champions. I included the unfinished head as I thought that it illustrated my process (after and before Contrast Paints) pretty well. I primed all of these models with Wraithbone primer and then I did as many fine details as I could before adding Guilliman Flesh Contrast Paint as it is much easer to do any touchups at the “Coloring Book” stage. The third face is ready to add Contrast Paint to the face. I used Iyanden Yellow Contrast Paint for the blonde hair, and I tried Ratskin Flesh for Steelheart’s eyebrows and was pretty happy with the results. Dryad Bark is the color I used to block out the eyes, before adding the white line and dot after the Contrast Paint. I like to have a darker color around the eyes, as there is a natural shadow under the brow and over the eye. I think it makes it look more natural and it also makes the eyes stand out more against the background colors.”