Wolfenstein: The Board Game

Nazis. Ever since the end of WW2 Nazis have filled the place of ‘bad guy’ in pop culture. This is doubly true on the tabletop where Nazis have been popular enemies of various flavour for quite some time. From standard troopers in historical combat games to super-science wielding ultra soldiers in weird war settings and everything else in between. Nazis make a great villain.

Many gamers enjoy computer and video games as well as tabletop games, so it seems like a no-brainer that one of the most popular video game franchises (1981’s Castle Wolfenstein, for the Apple 2 home computer…) finally sees action in the ‘little model men’ arena. Wolfenstein has had more sequels and games on more platforms than I care to google, now it has arrived on the tabletop! Let’s have a closer look at Wolfenstein: The Board Game.

Wanna kill some Nazis? In a big ol’ Nazi castle?

First off, this is a big box with lots of cool stuff inside…but I’m not sure that I’d classify it as a ‘board game’. It is more like a miniature game in a box…You will need basic hobby skills and kit to put it all together before you can play. Models are multi-part and on a frame and must be separated, cleaned and glued (painting is always your choice but who can resist standard uniform grey…). Clippers, knife, glue and a little patience and you should be fine.

These are basic hobby skills and fairly quick to learn, so don’t let that stop you. The models are dynamic and varied and if you are a fan of the franchise you will be overjoyed. Everything from troopers and mad scientists to giant robo-Hitler. The genre of ‘weird war’ is amazingly well represented and the figures are great and go together well.

Lots and lots of plastic Nazis.

The components are nice and sturdy and come in three separate boxes (within the larger box…) for storage. Everything needed to play is included; dice, cards and markers of various description. There are two books; one Rulebook and a Mission Book. The rules look brisk and easy to learn and all the missions are simply explained and laid out for players. Cool datacards, and components make this a board game experience to remember. Very well presented over all.

Gamers wondering if there is value need not be concerned. Six different hero figures will battle through ten different scenarios fighting against over forty baddies. You got Soldats, Space Marines, Supersoldats, Panzerhunds, Officers, Drones, Ubersoldats, Fire Troopers and Rocket Troopers. Not to mention character figures of Professor Solomon Bevil, General Oscar von Grim, Adolf Hitler (with gun arms…) and Mecha-Hitler. That is a lot of Nazis to kill through!

The components, in their unpainted glory.

Wolfenstein is a co-operative board game that is best played with two to four players. However, the game can also be played single-player. The rules for the game do not differ based on the number of players. Each hero, enemy and weapon have their own cards for easy reference. There are also equipment, chest and event cards…you get lots of cards.

Gameplay sees a group of four heroes trying to complete various scenario requirements as they alternately sneak or fight through the Nazi infested castle. The rules are well organised and presented in an intuitive and ‘true to the game’ way. If Wolfenstein is a favourite of yours, this is absolutely the tabletop experience you need!

: Prof. Solomon Bevli and a couple Panzerhunds, put the ‘super’ in super-science.

Again, the amount of stuff in this box is really wonderful. I am at a loss for what else I would want. However, if you did want more, there is also an expansion box which is about 2/3 the size of this box, containing more missions, miniatures and cards.

Folks wanting a more cinematic experience can also get the Wolfenstein 3D Terrain Kit, which contains enough floors, walls and doors to recreate the tiles in this box, only in glorious 3D. This upgrade, while only for the really hardcore fans, will give your games of Wolfenstein a similar feel to the computer games.

: Let’s not forget to mention that this game will actually let you kick Hitler in the junk. Pure magic.

This board game looks fantastic and easy to learn, as well as keeping true to the license on which it is based. I wish all board games knew so clearly what they were and how to make the target market happy. If you like fun, fast, Nazi kicking action this game comes highly recommended!

-Uncle Mike