What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 30-June 5

The continuing question of what have the Staff been up to this week!

Kris has been working on a table for Necromunda using the Zone Mortalis tiles. “I tried to assemble the first four tiles so that they would work as a Gang Stronghold and also work if they were placed together in a different orientation.”

Sue started the Hill Giant from the new the D&D Frameworks line. “The great thing about the Frameworks line is the customization! Each frameworks kit comes with multiple weapon options and a bunch of cute accessories! Pictured below, I have shown some different options for the Hill Giant. He can be bald (not pictured), have a little tuft of hair, or have a cool hat! He has different weapon options, and I used some green stuff to do some quick fur in place of his cloth loincloth. I intend to make 2 of these guys and I just wanted to make one wearing fur and the other the cloth. He has tonnes of fun options and accessories (not shown) including a ham, a wagon backpack, more furs, a bell, and skulls.”

Greg got a chance to try out new arrival Foundations of Rome. “Holy smokes, this game has amazing production values. The box comes with five sets of buildings for up to five players, plus a set of Monuments that are used in one of the bonus modules. The game itself is fairly straightforward: players acquire lots on the central alpha-numeric board, build buildings onto their lots, or take income in order to buy more lots. Buildings are either residential (giving players population), commercial (earning them extra silver) or Civic (scoring them points based on what’s around them). Scoring happens twice during the game and then again at the end, when commercial buildings score their silver value as points. We added in the Monuments to our game, which are a limited selection of shared buildings that are available and have specific building requirements and bonuses. The production definitely takes the game to the next level as it has amazing table presence, but the game is also a fun and interesting one that I look forward to playing again!”

Sean had a second round with the Speed Paints and decided to see how they work with the Contrast Paints in his collection. “I discovered some really nice pairings preparing this Oathmark Elf unit of Path Patrol? Or Glade Guard? I forget the name. Let’s call ’em Stabby Scouts.  Shockingly, I did these guys from built to flocked in a couple hours (including making dinner and general stuff) so the effort/time ratio is a little whacked. The Hardened Leather is the hero here,  I used it on the tunics. I think Speeds are better on flat surfaces than Contrasts, YMMV.  These figs are pretty flat without a lot of greeblies. Again the Orange Speed Paint makes very dramatic ginger hair. Both of these blended nice with Contrast Militarum Green of the cloaks. I think limiting your palette and choosing close and complimentary shades is the beginning of loving the Speed Paint. I just need to come up with a bold corporate logo for the shields now.”

Greg got in another play of A Feast for Odin this week. “This game I managed to get an early longship and started pillaging. I also explored Iceland and started generating some barrels of oil, as well as stone and ore. I managed to have the pillaging action mostly to myself, which definitely helps, and in the later stages I got myself a longhouse and also did a bunch of emmigration, scoring 60 points from that. I did make a few mistakes that cost me half a dozen points or so, but ended up with a narrow victory.”