What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 16-22

How do you find out what the staff have ben up to this week?
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Even though Sue is a mini painter herself, she also collects D&D pre-painted miniatures. “I really liked the Wild Beyond the Witchlight set because I thought the characters were so interesting and the setting was so whimsical.. I got more than one brick of blind boxes, and here are some photos of some of my favorite pre-painted minis that I “won” from the blind boxes.”

It had been a while since Greg and group’s last game of Tichu so there was a bit of rust needed shaking off. “The first hand saw Tracy call Tichu only for Matt to call right afterwards. It was a close thing that could have gone either way but Matt prevailed to give them a decent lead and put us into negative points right away. After that things improved though, with me calling and making a Tichu and a couple of rounds where nobody called but we made up some ground in the points to make it pretty even going in to the 5th hand. That 5th hand saw me dealt an 8 bomb and the mahjong in my first 8 cards and I took a chance and called Grand Tichu. The next 6 cards weren’t great but could have been worse, and the passed cards ended up being pretty reasonable. I was feeling confident and had let one play go past when Tracy, my partner, bombed with a 5 card straight flush bomb and then played the dog to give me the lead back. I was feeling like it was kind of overkill, but then Matt played a 9 bomb on my QQKK so I was glad and relieved that I’d held my 8 bomb back and was able to play that and go out. That put us over the top as far as points, giving us a win after a bad start.”

Greg had three player game of A Feast for Odin this week. “I’m enjoying getting in repeated plays of this and a few other games rather than playing new games all the time. I feel like I’ve been able to get a much stronger feel for the strategies in the game and watch for what the other players are going for. In this one I went whaling again, but also explored a couple of good islands and did a reasonable amount of emigration to get a respectable 113 points.”

Greg and his group started a four player campaign in Dice Throne Adventures using characters from just Season One. “Our party consists of Moon Elf, Pyromancer, Shadow Thief and Ninja, so a fair amount of potential damage evasion from the group, as well as the glass cannon of the Pyromancer. We made pretty short work of the first scenario, although we came out with the same number of salves at the end of it. We did all pick up some loot at the end so next time we’ll go in to the first Boss fight with slightly better decks, but only two salves may not be enough.”

Kris painted some more Forge World models for Necromunda. “Grub Targeson is from the Hired Guns set which includes three miniatures that are full of character. I really enjoyed painting him and love can’t wait to do some more from the set! He will be representing a Hive Scum in the stores Necromunda Campaign, and will hopefully add some close range threat to my Gang bringing his shotgun and frag grenades to the table.”