What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 9-15

Greg and Tracy played a couple of games of new arrival Yak. “First off, the components in this game are amazing. Chunky bakelite yaks with plastic horns; plastic carts with wheels; big chunky wooden blocks; dual layer player boards. All very nice. The game is one where you’re trading food for stone blocks of different colours in order to build a stone tower. Carts move around clockwise unless a fog token is pulled from the bag, in which case they switch direction. Planning ahead for what’s coming up is important, so these unexpected switches can throw a spanner in the works. In this game I got completely destroyed by Tracy who outscored me in every category. It was a fun, light to medium game though and I enjoyed it quite a bit. A couple days later Tracy also suggested a second game of Yak so we played this one again while the kids were busy. We still didn’t add the extra scoring cards, so it was just the normal scoring. Things went better for me this time and I was able to grab lots of food tokens a few times and then spend them the next turn. I even bought three crystal stones in one turn for 8 bread, which helped me get a large group of 7 stones for end game scoring. We’d both like to try this with more players now as it may have different dynamic. Plus I want to add the extra scoring cards for some variety.”

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