Maximum Arbitration Part 4.5: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Arbitrator

Sometimes the Arbitrator just likes to prattle on about their toys. This is a brief look at the gangs that I will be using in the store Necromunda campaign, as well as thoughts on how the campaign is / will run. This is an additional update and contains no new rules or life changing information. However, if you plan on facing me over the gaming table, this may be worth a read.

The role of an Arbitrator can be a bit difficult at times and can be easily messed up, leading to a less than optimal experience for players. I have Arbitrated several campaigns before and have tried to give proper consideration this time as well. The hardest part of successfully running a campaign and a gang at the same time is to have fun and also be unbiased. I feel that I personally come out ahead on this as I’m quite an awful tactician and so, often just try for anarchy. This time I doubled down on anarchy and decided to run two gangs.

The primary function of these gangs isn’t to win any of the Triumphs associated with the campaign (though I will still try!), but rather to be used as ‘teaching tools’ for new players, and also to offer a bit of spice for seasoned veterans of Necromunda (both of which we have in the campaign this time around). The most important thing, however, is for ME to have fun with my cool new gangs!

Last time around I played as House Cawdor and came in as close to dead last as is possible, while setting everything on fire. This time I’m going to try for a gang that can do a few unique things, hopefully well. With the Book of the Outcast being the new hotness, I thought it best to start building a gang there.

The new rules for Outcast gangs are wonderfully malleable, allowing for some pretty crazy and unique gangs. I ended up with a visually easy to identify gang, which will help me play them more effectively (I hope anyway…), and a combat functional list (again, I hope…). The Sump Lords, in rules terms, are an Outcast gang with an Ogryn Overboss (House of Chains Pg. 134) as their leader. The gang has a Clan House Affiliation (Book of the Outcast Pg. 20) with House Goliath, which allows me to start with my Sumpcroc!

The remaining gangers have an assortment of long range weapons, more than I normally use, which should pin the enemy down as my fearsome boss and croc combo advance…which is the only ‘strategy’ that I plan on employing for the foreseeable future.

This gang has played a few games and is my personal favourite of the two I will be running, which means I will give them more attention and consideration. Other secrets for you to help plan include: an anti-psycher psycher and control of the Promethium Cache, so watch your wyrds and beware the throwing arm of an Ogryn wielding free Incendiary charges! To say more would ruin the surprise, but hopefully this gives you fair warning.

They came from the past to enslave the future! The Dino-Raiders are a Venator Bounty Hunter gang (The Book of Peril Pg. 10) which allowed me to make a more ‘teachy’ list…if such a thing can be said to exist in Necromunda.

Strangely, this gang has absolutely no Games Workshop models; these are from Reaper and Crocodile Games. Visually this list is easy to understand, with three dino-guys (who have the guns) and five sub-humans (who provide the close combat stuff).

While the majority of points are sunk into the crazy weapons of the boss and champions, the remainder left over was pretty limited and the C.H.U.D.s (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underhive Dwellers…) are awful at their killing tasks. Hopefully they will get better as time goes on.

The weaponry is exotic and not as deadly as it could be. A Web Pistol, Grav Gun and Grenade Launcher with smoke grenades to obscure the advance of the beastmen. While being a bit of a nightmare in the right circumstances this gang has no strong tactics (or tactics cards for that matter…) and will be used either to teach the game rules to newcomers or to mercilessly remove unique and powerful weapons from gangs doing well (again, I am hopeful…).

So there is a glimpse into my gangs and strategies (or lack of…), get those games in and secure your territories, and don’t forget to watch out for me!

– Uncle Mike