What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 2-8

Lets take a look at what all the staff have been doing this week!

Greg got up to more puzzling. “There are a couple of things I liked about this puzzle and a couple of things I didn’t. The Dark Crystal artwork was something that appealed to me and I did enjoy seeing it come together. However, unlike most 1000 piece puzzles I’ve done, this one was square. And that meant it didn’t fit on my puzzle board and had to be left out on a table the whole time. Most annoying. Also, the front of the box only showed part of the overall image. The full image was shown on the back, but only relatively small. Considering that some sections were a bit similar looking it made it more challenging. One thing that did help with that is that, other than the edge pieces, all the pieces were one of two shapes, and all oriented a certain way.”

Renee and Jenn played the latest iteration of Azul, Queen’s Garden. “I had heard through reviews that this was being hailed as the gamer’s Azul so I was very curious to see how it played. I am happy to report that both Jan and I absolutely loved it. Not only is it a beautiful game but it requires a decent amount of planning and strategic drafting decisions. The tiles come in six different colours with 6 different patterns. When drafting you take all the tiles of the same colour with different patterns or all the tiles of the same pattern but with different colors. You have space for 12 tiles  on your board for planning purposes but to place them in your actual garden you will need to pay using tiles of the same colour but different patterns or the same pattern but different colors. Drafting tiles that you both want to place as well as the tiles required to allow you to place them while not ending up with tiles that you don’t need or want definitely takes some effort. You were also motivated by round scoring bonuses for certain patterns and colours as well as trying to make large groups (matching pattern or colour) for endgame scoring purposes. This is definitely my favourite Azul since the original.”

Renee completed another beautifully crafted wooden puzzle from local business Stumpcraft. “These puzzles are always such a fun and rewarding experience. I just love all the creative work that goes into the puzzle design, creating thematic pieces and with each piece a unique shape, you’re always kept on your toes trying to figure out the next piece.”

With zero convincing Chad gathered up some friends for another journey into the Unstable Games franchise! WRONG PARTY! “Or was it the right party? I think so! With three games played, we laughed at every goofy character and wonderful cameo of stabby the unicorn from unstable unicorns. After a draft based placement of invited guests and uninvited riff raff, you don’t want to attend anyone’s party, you must assemble the best guestlist to your themed party, be sure to reference their likes and dislikes, if it’s a social party you won’t wanna invite people who aren’t down for chit chat. In my attempt to get a full raid party, a lawyer from corporate showed up and really killed the vibe, but at least he really like games, so we asked him to play too!”