Maximum Arbitration Part 4: ‘Game Week Two’, Rat Patrol!

Way out past the Palatine Cluster, beyond the safety of the barrier city-domes, stands the YYC Hive. A black spire rising out of the ash wastes of the Stormlands. A rough and ready breed of Necromundans call this hive home, bred strong in a region as beautiful and wild as it is deadly and unforgiving.

Geographically set apart by harsh climate and grueling distance, is it any surprise that the flora and fauna of this storied hive are often unique, seen nowhere else on Necromunda? Trade routes through the wastes are limited and highly maintained, a perfect opportunity to eradicate pests before they enter the hive proper. And thus the Rat Patrol was created.

Boasting to be the only ‘Giant Rat Free Zone’ on all of the planet is a pretty big claim, and one that takes no small amount of work to maintain. When the hive was prosperous an actual, funded and trained team of professionals was used for this work. Now that YYC has fallen on tough times, the task is simply hired out to errant bands of bored hivers. Many gangs go on ‘rat patrol’ to gain extra credits…and to have a bit of fun. If mindless destruction of life and property can be said to be fun…

This ‘game week’ sees a scenario that all gangs can play. ‘Basic’ hives may simply play the scenario at some point this month. ‘Advanced’ hives may incorporate the scenario, once any gangs have played their first game of the ‘game week’. No gang can play this scenario more than twice, as there are only so many rats! Speaking of rats; models will be supplied and can be accessed by asking a staff member.


This scenario can be played as either Sector Mechanicus or Zone Mortalis, depending on what is available. The scenario uses the standard Battlefield Set-up rules (Rulebook Pg. 117) and should be played in an area no bigger than 30″ x 30″ or four Zone Mortalis tiles.


Both players use the Random Selection (D3+2) method. However, should the gang leader be drawn, that card will be discarded and the player may choose a replacement from the remaining cards. No self respecting gang boss would be caught dead going on ‘Rat Patrol’!


This scenario uses the standard rules for deployment (Rulebook Pg. 119).

Rats! Rats! Rats!

After both gangs have been set up, starting with the player with Priority, take turns placing D3+3 Giant Rats on the Battlefield. In the End Phase (and every End Phase) each Giant Rat will charge any fighter within 8″, otherwise they will move 2D6″ in a direction indicated by the Scatter dice, stopping if they contact impassible terrain but otherwise moving up and down terrain without restriction.

All Giant Rats that have been removed from the board should be placed in a pile and after existing rats have been moved, players add another D3 (up to the maximum available at that time…) Giant Rats to the board, as above.

Necromunds Giant Rat

M6 WS4+ BS- S3 T3 W3 I7+ A1 Ld10+ Cl8+ Wil10+ Int9+

Jaws: Str3 D1 Melee, Backstab

Small Target: Ranged attacks are at -1 to hit and Giant Rats can never be a target for a stray shot.

Nimble: A Giant Rat has a 4+ save, unmodified by Armour Penetration.

Bats? Bats! Bats!?!

The disused and decrepit locations where these hunts take place often house other fauna and gangs should take care not to disturb sleeping beasts. If any weapon with the Blast trait is used, or if a Smokestack activates (The Book of Peril Pg. 67) a rookery of Flapjacks has been disturbed. Place D3 Flapjacks within 6″ (of the Smokestack or the origin of the Blast), they will be used in the End Phase at the same time as the Giant Rats.

A distant relation to the common Ripperjack, the nocturnal and usually docile Flapjacks can become a problem if they are allow to swarm, as well as taking time away from the main, and more profitable task of killing off Giant Rats.


M7 WS5+ BS- S2 T3 W1 I3+ A2 Ld11+ Cl10+ Wil10+ Int10+

Slashing Barbs: Str1 D1 Melee, Entangle

Fly: Flapjacks can fly (Gangs of the Underhive Pg. 107).

Swarming Mass: Flapjacks dart back and forth slashing and diving. Flapjacks have a 5+ save.

Flapjacks will move like Giant Rats in the End Phase but no more are generated, unless as stated above.

Tactics Cards

Each player may select two Gang Tactics Cards or randomly draw three from their deck.

If, during the pre-battle sequence, the total credits value of fighters in one player’s starting crew is less than their opponent’s, then they may randomly draw an additional Tactics card for each full 100 credits of difference.

Ending The Battle

If either gang has no fighters on the battlefield at the end of any round, the battle ends immediately.


If one gang has killed more Giant Rats than the other at the end of the battle, they are victorious. If both gangs have killed the same number of Giant Rats, the battle ends in a draw.



It is assumed that all carcasses are claimed after the skirmish. Each Giant Rat is worth 10 Credits, while each Flapjack is worth 5 Credits.


Each fighter that took part in the battle earns 1 XP.


The gang that earned the most Credits gains 1 Reputation. Each gang gains 1 Reputation if this was their first battle against the opponent.If either gang bottled out, they lose 1 Reputation.

That’s all for this time, scummers. Remember to report your values to your Arbitraitor and see you next time.

-Uncle Mike