What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – April 25-May 1

Renee and Jenn played Isle of Cats again, this time with the Kittens + Beasts expansion. “Beasts are special tiles you rescue on the first day and add to your boat. They each have 3 cat families they want to befriend on the boat, so if you place the correct colour cat family next to them you get to add a beast meeple to your boat for extra points. This definitely adds an additional element of strategy to your game. Kittens are smaller cat tiles that are always available to rescue, however each day only the fastest player gets to rescue kittens, so you have to strategize about when you want to make sure you are the fastest. In addition, because kittens are smaller, you can fit 2 in a basket, allowing you to add more tiles to your boat in a round. This makes it easier to create cat families and they fit almost anywhere! Both these modules allowed for more opportunities for points so it’s not surprising we both had by far our highest scores. We were also both very impressed that Jenn managed to almost completely fill her boat! That is not easy to do.”

Renee played the Sherlock Holmes adventure in the Unlock Heroic Adventures box solo and really enjoyed it! “I’d never played an Unlock game solo before and decided that solving a murder mystery would be a fun way to try it out. This was a really fun mystery to work through and they did a great job of using the Unlock mechanics. For example one of the machines was a directory so every time you discovered a new named location you could look it up in the directory. And you could combine suspects with objects and locations to interrogate them about it. They did a great job of making it feel like an old fashioned case to solve. This was the last adventure in the box and I have to say I really enjoyed all three adventures. I appreciate that each box has different level adventures so I can play some with Christopher and others with Jenn or by myself.”

Greg had been getting an urge to play Glory to Rome recently so he and Tracy played a game while the kids were busy. “I managed to get a couple of buildings that combo’d well with the Legionary action, and got Architect clients to take advantage of the cards I was gaining. Tracy did get a good building herself, allowing her to keep the cards she played to lead or follow any actions, but my mean combos slowed her down too much. Then I started stealing her clients and the writing was on the wall. I think two player isn’t the ideal player count for this as one player often gets ahead and the other player can’t usually catch up or drag them back. It’s still a fun game that I enjoy playing though.”

Greg and Tracy played another two player game of Agricola. “The difference this time was that we didn’t have quite as much time so we ended up playing online while sitting next to each other. It doesn’t give quite the same feel as with the physical components but it does take care of a bunch of the admin for you. I was first player and drafted the Seasonal Worker Occupation so my first round was playing that and then going to the Day Labourer Space. I took it a bunch of times during the game and it gave me good access to grain and vegetables as well as food. I did have some decent minor improvements too, but mostly ignored the rest of my occupations and focused on getting extra rooms and family members as early as possible. The Family Growth spaces both came out as late as possible, which tends to make for lower scores, but I still managed to get most things sorted to get a decent score of 49.”

Tracy sat this one out so Greg played a three player game of A Feast for Odin with Matt and Lani. “I ended up playing very similarly to the previous game, doing lots of Whaling but only getting one other island and not doing any immigration at all. I keep getting distracted by the occupation cards and playing them even when they’re not always that advantageous. Matt was once again fairly unchallenged on the Pillaging and won comfortably.”