Maximum Arbitration 3.75 (Yes, we think this is getting out of hand too…)

As we are a couple of weeks in to our first attempt at an open Necromunda Campaign we have taken stock and wanted to make a couple of changes to how we planned to run things, so if you are interested in joining us to play Necromunda, read on!

We were all hyped to get rolling on this new campaign and to try to keep it as accessible as possible we took a very hands off approach to how it was going to run.
Now that we are a couple of weeks in, I think its safe to say that that was a mistake…

Luckily, every mistake is just an opportunity to learn, so we are going to try to shake it up a little bit!

First up, we need a home where everyone can talk to each other and so we are going to use a specially created Facebook Group this group will be used to plan games, type up fun battle reports, share painting progress and all the fun social things that Facebook used to be used for.

The Second Big Change is that we will be consolidating in to one Hive, this was the hardest choice as we are aware that we may need to fudge some Territory stuff depending on final numbers as we are playing but, we are hopeful that simplifying that aspect should make it easier to just turn up and paly games.

Outside of that, I am happy to report that games are being played, everyone seems happy and we have a decent spread of Gangs and Player Experience, so if you are free on a Tuesday Evening, we are reserving a table every week for Necromunda, have awesome Terrain ready to go and there are a bunch of Staff on Hand to answer your questions, give you advice and help you get started rolling some dice!

As a basic Recap of the previous articles and as an answer to the “what do I have to do to play?” question here is the easy three step process:

Step 1 – Join the Facebook Group

Step 2 – Make a 1000 Credit Gang following the standard rules in the book you are building it out of.

Step 3 – Arrange a game* and have fun!

* Step 3 has a few options, if you are either a new player or rusty, either come down on a Tuesday evening or email and we will arrange a demo game for you. If you want to play a specific opponent, sort it out yourselves and play where ever is convenient (we are not the boss of you!)
If you just want to play anyone, you can post in the Facebook Group, or we are likely at Critical Mass now for people to just turn up on a Tuesday Evening for games.

That’s it for this update, a few changes to how we are organizing but hopefully it will make it simpler.

See you across the Hive!