What have The Sentry Box been up to – Feb 21-27

Sue started reading the D&D Adventure Wild Beyond the Witchlight. “There are so many things I love about this already! They have added 2 additional options for player characters. Players can now play as a fairy or as a harengon, a new race of andromorphic rabbits. So even if you don’t want to play this adventure just now, I still think the book is worth picking up if you wanted to play as either of these races. But that’s only the beginning. Witchlight is set in a delightfully whimsical setting and, as is typical for D&D, the heroes meet really interesting friends and foes along the way. The new characters are great, but they have also included some classic favorites from the Greyhawk campaign setting and the LJN toyline of the 1980s. One of my favorite things about this campaign is, like Rime of the Frostmaiden, the main antagonists are women. D&D has always included really interesting female characters of all alignments so this is not new, but it was still something I liked about this campaign. The last thing of note about this campaign is that characters have the option of resolving each conflict without fighting. I can see where this would appeal to some players, although back when I played D&D myself, I often played a Ranger so that I could have 2 attacks because I was that kind of player :wink:. Wild Beyond the Witchlight is instantly one of my favorite D&D Campaigns and I highly recommend it.”

Tracy was busy so Lani, Matt and Greg played some 3 player The Crew: Mission Deep Sea. “We started at mission 25 for a bit more of a challenge and there were definitely some tough ones. 3 player also gives it a different dynamic, with one player getting an extra card, and some of the tasks being easier or harder at that player count. We managed to get up to mission 28 in the hour or so that we played, with a bunch of failed attempts along the way.”

Renee finally got her poor neglected copy of Everdell to the table! “This isn’t a new game, but one I just hadn’t managed to play since I picked it up some time ago. I got to play a 4 person game with a mix of newbies and more experienced players. I really enjoy that it’s a mix of worker placement and hand management and they did a fantastic job incorporating the theme into the design of the game. The art and little critters in your town are just so cute! I like games that require you to make different choices each time you play, so any game in which you’re trying to make the most of the cards available is right up my alley. In addition the forest and end game scoring spaces change in each game with I really appreciate to mix it up. I had a lot of fun playing my first game and can absolutely see why it is such a hit in the community.”

She also got to play Canvas again. “This is an absolutely beautiful game with pretty simple mechanics but it really really works. The puzzle of collecting the right cards and layering them to maximize the number of scoring objectives (there are 4 different ones each game) is fun and the bonus of creating a work of art is just so satisfying.”

Renee got in a game of Cartographers: Heroes, a stand alone sequel to the original Cartographers that is its own base game but can be combined with the original for even more play options. “The game play is the same, but has 2 new maps (C&D), as well as new objectives and terrain cards. These changes themselves were a fun change from the original game. But there’s more! As implied by the name, there is a new card type: Heroes which can be used to battle those pesky monsters that insist on ambushing your map! We already loved Cartographers so this was an easy pick up and I have to say I really enjoyed it.”

Renee and her Dad dusted off their trusty copy of Patchwork for a game. “I love that even after 100’s of plays over the last 7 or so years, either of us will always say yes to a game. It was a close game but Dad beat me to the 7×7 patch which pushed him ahead. It looked like he might have trouble filling his board after that, but as you can see on the top board, he managed to almost completely fill it!”

What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Feb 7-13

Greg played Exit: Kidnapped in Fortune City: “I really enjoyed this one. You are trying to narrow down a group of suspects to find out who has kidnapped the sheriff so that you can rescue him. There were some great puzzles and the challenge level seemed just about right for us. We did need a couple of clues when we were on the right track but couldn’t quite put things together, but overall it wasn’t too difficult and was a lot of fun.”

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 31-Feb 6

Greg enjoyed a lot of the scenarios from Escape Room: The Game and was curious about their take on mixing it up with a jigsaw puzzle, so he checked out Puzzle Adventures: The Secret of the Scientist. “I was slightly underwhelmed with the Exit games that added jigsaw puzzles but I enjoyed this one quite a bit. If you like building puzzles then it’s a nice little way to get a bit of that as well as trying to solve the regular puzzles. This one had a fun theme, and I enjoyed the way the system worked. No electronics required, hints available in the rulebook, and in this case nothing needed to be destroyed, written on or folded. We did use a couple of hints with one puzzle that was slightly ambiguous, but overall we didn’t have too much trouble and the puzzles were fun.”

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