What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 17-23

We start this week’s blog with new product reviews from Sue. “I was lucky enough to get to review 2 newer WizKids D&D products this week; Papercraft houses and Frameworks on-sprue miniatures. The papercraft house was cute and fun to put together. It is fully colored both inside and outside. I can see this as a quick and inexpensive way to make a nice looking town for a D&D campaign.”

“Frameworks miniatures will be released soon. I can see these appealing to D&D fans who really want to customize their characters & monsters. I think these will also be great for D&D players are looking for a specific race/class that hasn’t been made yet, and/or players who have a very specific idea of how they want their character to look. And there will be monster kits that have tonnes of fun accessories, which look like tonnes of fun to make. Just like Warhammer, many of the bits are interchangeable between kits. However, this may not even be necessary as a typical kit will come with a multitude of options and lot of fun accessories. For my sneak peek, I got to paint the Night Hag.”

“I liked that the Night Hag had a lot of detail and didn’t have too many pieces. And most of the pieces that were separate made sense to be separate, such as options, or hard to reach areas that had been separated so you can paint before assembling if desired. I would advise anyone assembling this kit to be careful when gluing as there are not push fit. The Night Hag came with 3 different options for her hand; empty, an apple, or a heart. Naturally, I chose the heart. She also comes with an optional bag with a skull sewn into it. I did use greenstuff to give her some more bangs. The original model has bangs down on one side and behind her horn on the other. She comes with a lot of adorable accessories, most of which you can choose to attach to the model or be separate. I chose to make them all their own thing. You can also attach most the candies as you please. I used a Citadel Layer Small brush to paint her eyes, teeth, and talisman. I think this is a super fun kit, the accessories are adorable, and the model is very cool. I look forward to more of these kits in the near future!”

Greg finally got a chance to play the new Roxley Kickstarter game Radlands with Tracy, on the fancy mats that came with the Super Deluxe version. “It’s a head to head card game where players start with three camps and play people to help protect them, while also trying to destroy their opponent’s camps. You only have a limited supply of water to use each round, so you have to spend it wisely. I managed to play an expensive but powerful card out and then keep it around long enough to destroy Tracy’s three camps for the win.”

Renee picked up Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber to play with Christopher. “This is a hidden role, asymmetrical game where each player has a different agenda. On your turn you place a maze tile, rotate neighbouring tiles as indicated by the cogs and then if required, move the cat or the mouse. The Cat is trying to catch the Mouse, who is trying to catch the Cheese. If neither happened by the time game end is triggered, you check the maze to see if you can draw paths between the cat and the mouse, and the mouse and the cheese. If only one of those paths exist either the Cat or the Mouse wins, both means the Cheese wins and neither means the Cucumber wins. I ended up with the Cheese agenda which was challenging because by game end I needed paths between all 3, but not in a way that would allow either the Cat or the Mouse to reach their goal during the game. Unless I could figure out which agenda Christopher had because then I’d only have to worry about that goal being completed. It’s a quick game with little set up, fun trying to meet your objective while hoping others don’t figure out your agenda all with a constantly changing maze. The main game plays 2-4 players but it includes links to rules for 2 different solo modes.”

Renee and Jenn have now played 2 of the scenarios in Escape Room: The Game. “After playing so many Exit and Unlock games, Jenn wanted to try this series so I picked up the base game. We first played the Virus scenario which we both really enjoyed. It was fun to have a different style of game to try out and we enjoyed the puzzles and the fact that it was fairly quick. Recently we played the Murder Mystery one and found that more challenging, specifically because it required you to take whole bunch of unrelated clues and figure out how to incorporate them into one code. I feel like it was true to the scenario in that when solving a murder it wouldn’t be a series of clear concise puzzles, but Jenn and I sort of felt like our brains weren’t wired that way. I’m hoping what we learned during this scenario will help us with the next 2.”

Greg and his group managed to get in two games of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion this weekend and both scenarios were side missions for specific characters. “First up was the Voidwarden where we had to protect three wards against some imps and chaos demons. The bad guys came in waves, and there was an added wrinkle where if we ended the round on a space with black dust you would take damage. We managed to hold them off and protect the wards in the end. The second scenario was for my character, the Demolitionist. We had to go through a building destroying pillars to make the rooms collapse, while also fending off bad guys, some of whom we couldn’t hurt. The second room proved a bit challenging, but we made it through, destroyed all the pillars and I got myself a pair of snazzy jet boots at the end of it!”

He also managed to squeeze in a quick in-person Tichu game, “With myself and Matt taking on Lani and Tracy. It started badly, with Matt calling Tichu but Lani stopping him, and then the next hand Lani called and made her own Tichu. Then we turned it around with me calling a Tichu and us going 1-2, to make the scores 330-170 for us. The next hand saw Matt and Lani going head to head with both calling Tichu. It turns out they both had a bomb, but then I also had a bomb and it tipped things in our favour and Matt went out first. We scored just enough points from the hand to end the game, with final scores of 500-100.”

Kris finally managed to get together with his group to play some more Arkham Horror. “We are just starting the Innsmouth Cycle and I decided to play Silas Marsh again as he only got half a campaign in Dreameaters. It was a really fun opening scenario where we all woke up in an underwater cave with memory loss, lots of exploring flooded caverns and fighting off fish monsters. The highlight for me was when the Silver Twilight Lodge Acolyte just turned up to have a go as my random weakness! I can only assume Silas had not paid his lodge membership as those guys take overdue fees extremely seriously!!!”