What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 10-16

Sue painted the Star Wars: Legion Wookiee Warriors 2021. “I like the character and customizability of this box set. The box comes with 2 sprues of 3 different bodies and 6 different heads, for a total of 6 bodies and 12 heads. There are also multiple weapon configurations for lots of options when creating your unit. Three is the minimum required for a unit but you can add more Wookiees to your unit if you want. I primed the Leader Zandri Dust, drybrushed him with Ushtaby Bone, and then did an Aggaros Dunes wash overtop. I primed the Wookiee on the left with Vallejo’s English Uniform, drybrushed him with Balor Brown and then added a brown wash. He lost some detail with the wash, so I drybrushed him again after the wash was dry with XV88. The last Wookiee was my absolute favorite. I like his dreadlocks, and his pose. To me he looked like a wise, older Wookiee who had seen many battles. So I primed him with Grey Seer, drybrushed him white, and then used a thinned down (Lahmain Medium) black wash overtop. The eyes on these models are quite far back, making it difficult to add detail without getting paint on the fur around the eyes, so I elected to do the eye detail before adding the washes and then having a second brush on standby to try and stop the wash from pooling too much in the eyes.”

Greg hasn’t played a lot of games lately but he’s still managed to fit in a few games of Tichu. “We’re still playing the short, 500 point games, but that usually means we can play a couple of games in an evening. In the recent session Tracy and I were partnered and managed to dominate. There were a fair few bombs flying around on both sides, but a misclick from Lani when she wanted to play her bomb in the first hand of the night ended up costing her team as Tracy and I made a Tichu 1-2. There may come a time when I’m sick of playing Tichu but I don’t foresee that happening!”

Matt, Lani and Greg played a three player game of the great Uwe Rosenberg game A Feast for Odin. “It’s a worker placement game with a spatial element where players are trying to obtain different types of goods in order to fill up their player boards with the shapes to increase their income, gain bonuses and ultimately score points (or remove negative points). Like many Uwe games you also need to get goods to feed your people in a way, providing food for the titular feast. It’s a great game with lots of options each turn, and although you can get blocked from spaces it feels less harsh as there are usually good alternatives to take.”

Another Tea Dragon puzzle completed by Greg, “I enjoyed this one quite a lot. It was almost like 12 mini puzzles, but with all the pieces mixed together. It wasn’t too tricky, other than the fact that most Tea Dragons appear in multiple pictures, but even that didn’t slow me down too much. I’m not a tea drinker but I love the little Tea Dragons :grinning: