What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 3-9

Greg finished this masterpiece. “This 2000 piece puzzle has occupied a fair amount of our time lately, as well as the gaming table, which is one reason why we haven’t played as many games lately. It was definitely on the trickier side, with lots of big areas of the same kind of colour or pattern. It was slow going for the first half or so, but once we got a good chunk done it got a little easier!”

After the challenge of the big 2000 piece puzzle it was nice for Greg to go back to something a little easier. “This one is just 1000 pieces and only took us a few days compared to the weeks for the Castle puzzle. The image is of a variety of Tea Dragons from one of Alex’s favourite books, so her and Luke were keen to help too.”

Sue played the classic Trivial Pursuit. “I like trivia games, including Trivial Pursuit, however this copy is from 1981.. which made it a little frustrating. Many questions are about TV shows, movies, and US politics from the previous 20 years. I feel like a person has a reasonable chance of getting questions like that from within the last 20 years, but questions about random shows and movies that are now 40-60 years old are a lot harder. If you’re playing this edition, hope you’re sitting on a pie square when the question about Luke Skywalker comes up ;). I like Trivial Pursuit, but I would definitely recommend picking up a more recent edition. :)”

Sue also played Spot It. “This game is for children, but it’s also a fun little game for adults as well. It reinforces pattern recognition and reflexes. I lost every round, but it was still fun to play!” Last, but not least, she also played the classic game of Chess. “I still remember 5 move check mate, which I learned as a child, but I saw a few different tactics on how to block it if you see it coming. I really enjoy this timeless strategy game.”

Ever since the new Qwirkle Collector’s Edition came out, Renee has been wanting to get this classic back to the table. “Dad, Jenn and I used to play this a lot which Christopher was a baby because it was a game we could play within 15 or 20 mins. We played it so much in fact, that for a long time it was always just set up ready to go on the gaming table. I was fun to get it back to the table again; it’s a quick, simple abstract game. And while there is definitely the luck of the tile draw, its fun when the board is set up perfectly for that next move.”

Christopher loves sushi so we suggested we play Sushi Go. “I wanted to introduce him to card drafting and this is the perfect little card game to use to introduce the mechanic to newer players. I knew he’d like the theme so it would keep his interest and he really liked the game! This is another game that we played quite a bit when we first got it, so it was fun to play it again. Hoping this becomes a game we can play with him regularly.”

Kris wanted to do something different on his painting stream this week and Greg L had asked him a while ago if he could repaint his Gargantuan White Dragon. “I really liked the miniature and was fairly sure I could get it done on my 3-4 hour paint stream. I was a little unsure at a couple of points when picking the colours on how it would turn out but I am really happy with the result and got it all finished in under 3 hours.” This is how it used to look: