What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Dec 6-12

Another couple of Battletech models for my Draconis Combine forces, this time a Blackjack and Grasshopper. Not much to say about painting these that I haven’t mentioned previously, but I’m still super impressed by these re-imaginings of classic ‘mech designs. The game has never looked better and I’ve got lots more new stompy robots awaiting paint!

Greg has played a couple games of Tichu this week, both times with Lani as his partner against Tracy and Matt. “We’re still just playing short 500 point games as the longer 1000 point games can sometimes take a bit longer than the time we have, but I’m still enjoying playing. The most recent game we mostly played spoiler, with Tracy and Matt calling Tichu or Grand Tichu a total of five times but only succeeding once as we managed to stop them. We both also called and made a single Tichu, giving us a comfortable win in the end.”