What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Dec 6-12

Another couple of Battletech models for my Draconis Combine forces, this time a Blackjack and Grasshopper. Not much to say about painting these that I haven’t mentioned previously, but I’m still super impressed by these re-imaginings of classic ‘mech designs. The game has never looked better and I’ve got lots more new stompy robots awaiting paint!

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 29-Dec 5

Greg finished the latest 1000 piece puzzle from Renegade Games. “I enjoyed this one – lots of bright colours and some classic characters!”

Chris has been excitedly painting some Batteltech mechs. “I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of more of Catalyst Game’s Battletech miniatures, and with new sets trickling in it’s time to get painting! While most of my ‘Mechs will be in the colors of the Draconis Combine, some of the new models aren’t in common use with that faction (and hey, gotta fight somebody!). With that in mind, I’ve started by completing this Centurion in the classic “Davion Green” scheme of the Federated Suns. The green itself begins with Vallejo Model Color German Camo Bright Green, drybrushed with Game Color Dead Flesh. The drybrush color is quite a bit lighter than the base, but applying it first means that the next step – a wash with Army Painter Dark Tone – will tone down and unify the colors quite nicely. There’s not a lot else to this paint scheme, just some details with Citadel Iron Warriors and Celestra Grey, and finally my favorite blue jeweled canopy. The tiny grass tufts from Gamer’s Grass add interest to the base without disrupting the scale of this big stompy war machine.”

Greg got Agricola back to the table this week. “I finally got around to combining all of the card decks into one giant deck to give the greatest variety when playing. Having done that, neither Tracy nor myself were super happy with the cards we got dealt, although it didn’t stop us from still playing a bunch of them. I ended up getting a lot of clay this game, but didn’t quite get everything how I wanted by the end of the game, and our scores weren’t super high, but I still always enjoy playing.”

Greg also had a chance to play some Zombie Kidz. “Luke and I were both off sick this week but one afternoon he felt a little better and asked to play a few games. One of them was Zombie Kidz so we played a two player game with me giving him hints if he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. Everything went pretty smoothly and we managed to win. Luke was excited because he got to open up a new envelope!”

Greg and Tracy played their weekly game of Dice Throne. “Tracy played the Huntress, who is often considered one of the weaker heroes, but she’s played her a bunch of times now. I played the Tactician for the second time and I’m still not how to play them well. I did upgrade lots of my abilities, but didn’t do any attacks until the third round so I was a bit behind. Tracy did a good job of keeping Nyra up to make sure she did extra damage every round, and in the end it was too much and I wasn’t able to fend her off.”

Renee and Jenn had an opportunity to play a round of Viticulture. “I really like this game because it combines two mechanics I really enjoy; worker placement and the puzzle of making the most out of the cards you draw. I never play this enough to feel like I apply anything I learned about the pacing of this game in my previous playthrough but always love it regardless!”

They also had a chance to play Clever Cubed and Star Realms. “As folks may remember when it first came out, I absolutely fell in love with That’s Pretty Clever when it first released. Clever Cubed, the third game in the series, is just as good, if not better. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to try out a fantastic roll and write. In our first game of Star Realms almost no bases managed to come out and then in our second game Jenn had an armada of bases protecting her! Made a huge difference in the game play for sure. This is fun, quick 2 player deck builder that we always enjoy.”