What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 22-28

Kris finished up two more Necromunda Models early this week. “I had been letting the standards slip and had fielded them unpainted for a couple of games but finally decided no more games until the gang is fully painted again! “Snips” was recruited for free from my Settlement territory, where after each game I get to roll 2d6 and if the result is a double six, I get a free Ganger (normally, you can recruit a Juve on a single six, but Slave Ogryn Gangs done have Juves…) Unfortunately, even though the Ogryn is free, I had to pay for his equipment right away which ate away at my credits. Luckily, I also have a Mine territory, and hired “Botty” to work in it. (And do some fighting I suppose…)”

“The AmBot can be scary in game with really strong short range guns (if they hit) and if you turn off the safety it can do work in combat too. But they also have a special rule that if you control a Mine, they can be sent to work mining after each game and earn an extra 1d6 x 10 Credits each game!’

Greg played a three player game of Hanabi with Matt and Lani. “It started a little poorly, with a 5 being discarded, but then we recovered and ended up getting a score of 23, just needing one more turn to make it 24 (the highest we could have got after discarding the early 5). I still really like Hanabi as it’s a game that requires a bit of thought but I feel comfortable enough to play it without any stress these days.”

Greg continued his streak of not doing well at Azul! “It could have gone better but a couple of times I was denied what I needed and ended up having 4 of 5 tiles placed in two different colours, missing out on a bunch of points. I do enjoy playing though, despite my incompetence, and will always be happy to pull this one out.”

Draftosaurus is another fun, light game that Greg enjoys playing when he wants something that doesn’t burn your brain. “I did ok, but a couple of dice rolls caused me to place the right dinosaur in the wrong place, and Matt won handily by managing to get what he needed on both the Summer and Winter sides of the board. I would always suggest playing both sides just to add a bit more to game and give it a bit of variety.”

Greg and group got in another session of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. “This was one of the side scenarios where we had to find and defeat four chaos demons. It looked like it could have been tricky with some of the special rules in play but we made some choices about how to handle things, who to send into which rooms, etc. that worked well and actually made it quite easy in the end. There weren’t many monsters to defeat and we did a good job with the few that were there. I think we only have two more side missions and one last scenario in the main storyline to go and then we’ll be finished.”

Kris actually got two models finished on his painting stream Sunday. “It means I have a fully painted Necromunda Gang again! First was my Rogue Doc, due to how expensive it is to replace my Ogryns, she was a must hire, and luckily, I got to hire her for free as I captured a Rogue Docs Shop territory fairly early in the Campaign.  Generally as a non fighter she won’t actually be on the table, but Forge World made such a nice sculpt I wanted to paint her anyway!”

“My Slopper was the other non combatant that I had to paint, and whilst his ability to help fighters out of recovery feels like it may be wasted most of the time, he was only 20 Credits and I could not resist adding a Ratling Chef to my Ogryns just because it’s a fun visual, it also helps that this sculpt is also full of character! I wanted to go a different way with the paint job as the Forge World image of him is fairly clean and quite young looking but I wanted a more weathered look.”