What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 15-21

Kris has been playing in an Alien RPG group while they are waiting for D&D to start back up. “Free League did a good job of making the system crank up as things progress with their Skill/Stress system. As it really feels like you are getting desperate as the game goes on. We played the Chariot of the Gods module from the starter box and it’s very different from anything I have played before as it definitely walks a line between being a traditional Role Playing experience and playing a social/hidden role game.  I don’t want to give out any spoilers though so won’t really say more than that. We all had fun though, there are lots of cool moments and the cinematic play really fits the style. It is definitely a game I would demo at the store like I did for Call of Cthulhu, but I would probably switch up the scenario as it took us closer to 8 hours rather than the 3-4 it says.”

Kris also painted Yar Umbra for his Necromunda Gang. “I have been using him as a Hive Scum rather than the named Bounty Hunter but either way he adds a bit of ranged firepower to my Ogryns Gang. He was good fun to paint, like most of the Forge World models for the game, and I really like how he turned out.”

Tracy picked Tidal Blades out to play this week, with her choosing her favourite character, Dust, and Greg going for Sagashi. “It was a pretty low scoring game all round, with both of us focusing on completing challenges rather than fightimg monsters. I managed to get ahead on the Champion’s Board and scored a few extra points there, which ended up being crucial as there was just three points between us at the end of the game.”

Greg and the crew started out on Mission 32 of The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, the last regular mission, and completed it right away. “After that you can keep going, just increasing the difficulty by one each time you win, so we did play a few more games and won a couple more before we called it a night. We may still come back to it in the future, but we’ve technically finished the campaign now, so it’ll just be if we want to play through it again or give ourselves a tough challenge!”

They also played a four player game of Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar and Greg had no real plan throughout the whole game. “I started fourth but didn’t have the option of taking much corn to begin the game with, so I was pretty much a turn behind right away. Matt put all three workers on the yellow wheel, ready to start getting additional workers, and he soon had his agriculture tech up to level three and started cranking the green wheel for corn galore. The rest of us dithered around for a fair bit without much direction – the best I could do was build the corn token monument to get a few points and deny Matt, although he still got the wood token monument and another one. In the end I got what I think is my lowest ever score: 41, and Matt crushed everyone as predicted.”

Greg’s kids played Catapult Feud. “I had a feeling Alex and Luke would enjoy building castles and firing boulders at them to knock them down, and I was right. I ignored the cards and just had them firing at each other until all five soldiers were knocked down, and they totally loved doing that, playing three games in a row and wanting to play more. For Luke, half the fun was looking for the boulders after they flew off the table, which happened a lot! This was definitely a winner for the two of them though.”

Greg and his group got back to their Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion campaign and played a scenario with a lot of monsters! “Thankfully they weren’t super tough monsters, but it still took a while to get through them. Myself and Lani both had our characters get exhausted, but it was on the penultimate turn and Tracy and Matt were able to finish things off. A bunch of us leveled up at the end so we’ll be level 7 for the next scenario.”