What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 8-14

Jordan painted one of the Stormcast from the new Underworlds box set during last Sunday’s painting demo. “My first model in over a year. Definitely feeling a bit out of practice and there are some spots I’d like to work on a little more, but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. It was fun to put paint to plastic again, and I took some liberties playing with different techniques and colours on areas like the base.” If you want to get tips from our painting experts, contact the store and sign up for Sunday’s free Painting Demo.

Greg and crew resumed The Crew: Mission Deep Sea on Mission 30 after their last session where they struggled with it. “This time we managed to complete both Mission 30 and Mission 31, but they are getting very tough. I think we were better at using our communication this time and that definitely helped. I think there are only 33 official missions so we’re pretty close to the end, but it might still take a while!”

Kris continues to work on his Necromunda minis. “I needed some extra bodies for my Necromunda Gang and one of the Tactics Cards I can play lets me recruit two Goliath Juves for the battle, the only catch is you have to have models for them, so I painted these two. It’s not just extra activations though, also do a really good job of getting shot so that my Ogryns don’t have to!”

Uncle Mike played a game of Necromunda, his Cawdor fanatics taking on Travis’s Orange Crush Escher Gang. It was a hard fought game on both sides with both gangs losing their nerve and bottling out at the same time, but still taking parting shots at each other for two more rounds. The Escher won the day, but took more of a beating earning their win.

Here’s an Ambot Chris painted up for his Van Saar gang in Necromunda. “I’m hoping that its melee abilities will complement my gang’s ranged firepower. Most of the model is straightforward metallics with layered black and brown washes for a dirtier look, meaning it painted up quickly enough that I was able to complete it in one evening. I also added some sponge-chipping with Army Painter Platemail Metal to both bring out the edges and complete the worn, industrial appearance.”

Tracy and Greg were both tired but wanted to play something and Dice Throne is great for that because it’s super quick to set up and easy to play. “I went for the Barbarian which is a nice straightforward character to play too. Smash stuff! I started off with an Ultimate, which put me pretty far ahead, and Tracy was playing the Artificer who is a bit of a slower character, so it seemed a little one-sided. Tracy did start to come back with some big hits enhamced by her Shock Bot, but it was too little too late.”

They played again later in week. “Tracy stuck with the Artificer after the last game and I switched to the Vampire Lord, who often gets mentioned as one of the weaker characters, but seems pretty good to me, and is fun to play.Tracy’s Artificer went first, and after the first few rounds she was ahead by a bit, with me down to just above half health and her still at about 35. I had a plan though, as I had a Six It and a Samesies in my hand, and had set up the previous turn so that I had 4 blood power tokens. My intent was to go for an Ultimate attack and then heal for the damage I inflicted. It worked out even better than I hoped, as I rolled a natural Ultimate, not even needing to use my cards. I searched my deck for a card that let me do extra damage, making it a hit for 13 and me healing for 13.Obviously I felt pretty confident after that, but Tracy immediately hit back with an Ultimate of her own, bring it back to close to parity.After that it was pretty close right to the end, with Tracy putting me down to 3 life and her at 7, with me to go next. I hoped for an Ultimate in case she had a Not This Time card, but in the end I had to settle for a large straight. It proved to be enough, and I won a very close fought and exciting game!”

Greg got Underwater Cities back to the table. “I blame Alex for me wanting to play this as one of her school home-reading books was about Sea Otters that live in Kelp Forests. Tracy and I played using the asymmetrical player boards, even though she’d only played once before. I had an obvious advantage, being more experienced, and was able to get a pretty good engine going. I liked having the asymmetrical boards as it just gave a bit of variety. I think this and Prage Caput Regni are my two favourite games by Vladimir Suchy. Both are nice and meaty!”

Greg and Tracy got a chance to play Escape Room: The Game: Tomb Robbers. “This was another fun one that was about the right difficulty level for us. It starts with a puzzle where you split into two groups and have to work together from two sides to solve it, which was neat. One of the other puzzles requires the use of a light from a smart phone, although you might be able to solve it without. There’s one puzzle in part 3 that is slightly fiddly but luckily it didn’t require exact precision to solve. Overall we both enjoyed it quite a bit, and it’s one that we didn’t have to destroy anything, so we’re going to pass it on to someone else.”

Greg and Tracy wanted something fairly quick and not too taxing so they pulled out Space Base which they hadn’t played in a while. “I don’t think two player is the best for this but it’s still fun and enjoyable. This was a really close game with a final score of 40 – 37. My first ship purchase was one that gave me 5 points when I hit it, but was only when I rolled a 9 or 10. It definitely did some work though, earning me 25 of my total points.”

We finish this week’s staff blog with an update on Kris’ Orks. “I know Orktober is finished now but I didn’t want to leave my Ork Fleet half finished. I got 9 more escorts finished, just the bigger ships left to do now!”