What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 1-7

Greg has yet to watch the new movie but he was still inspired to play a game of Dune: Imperium. “I managed to get off to a good start, generating 7 influence to pick up Lady Jessica and I was a bit smarter with my troops – sometimes holding them back for a future conflict. It was fairly even for the first few rounds but I managed to edge ahead up to 9 points and then I bought a card that bumped me up all four faction tracks, gaining me two VPs and ended the game with Tracy stuck on 8 points.”

Greg also finished this puzzle of Freddie Mercury. “Not sure why it says Tesla on it, maybe it’s the artist. Not a bad puzzle, not sure about the likeness though. Should have got one of him with the rest of the band.”

This week Chad finally got a chance to try his hand at the Middle Earth Strategy Battle game. “I used a force of Angmar Orcs and trolls, Lead by the Witch King. My opponent chose Theoden of Rohan and a host of royal Horsemen. Overtaking his horses with my trolls was a cinch but unfortunately my orcs could not muster the courage to defeat the race of men today. When the orcs buckled under pressure and we’re nearly wiped out, my army broke thus resulting in the witch king fleeing and Theoden of Rohan seizing the victory and my Defeated leader withdraws back to his fortress.”

Kris got to play a game of Necromunda. “In a previous Gang Moot Scenario one of my Ogryns “Sparky” had been captured by a rival gang, now, “Sparky” may not be the brightest Ogryn in the gang, he may have been Hobbled reducing his movement, he may have a back injury lowering his strength, he is missing an arm and his other arm is a Storm Welder that has only ever misfired and caused “Sparky” serious injuries, but he is a member of the Red Cogs, and old Red is not going to let any rival gang take one of his crew and sell them to the guilders! The ambush went perfectly, with Red leading the charge and literally ripping one of the no good up starts limb from limb, “Sparky” was rescued and we even managed to buy him a prosthetic leg to cure his hobbling…After Reds attack, this poor Juve had to survive 14 injury rolls, the 1st roll was a 66, which is a memorable death…We didn’t bother with the other 13 rolls…”

Kris played more Necromunda this weekend, this time the Red Cogs were up against Uncle Mike’s Cawdor. “It was hotly contested, and by hotly, I mean everything got set on fire! Between the Flamer wielding religious nut jobs and the Molotov toting Ogryns there were blaze conditions being handed out, left right and center!  Which is just funny, as whenever a model who is on fire activates, they just run around in random directions until the fire goes out! My gang made it through without too many issues and even managed to recruit an additional Ogryn for free at the end of the game.”

Greg enjoyed Escape Room: The Game: Da Vinci’s Telescope quite a lot. “We managed to complete it without making any mistakes, and just needing a little help from the hint cards. There were some neat puzzles to work out, a fun theme, and an amusing topical message at the end. Also, if you’re someone who likes to be careful and preserve the components to pass the game on afterwards you could probably do that without too much trouble.”

Sue played the Trogdor Board Game again this weekend. “Trogdor was my favorite part of the Homestar Runner and the Strongbad Email flash cartoons. The game is cooperative and quick, and they really included a lot of inside jokes that fans will appreciate. I played the Trogdor Video game parody of King’s Quest (which I also loved), but I love bringing things into the real world, and having something tactile and tangible, and this game is great for that. It’s also easy to set up and pretty short. So great to break out if you don’t have that much time, or if you’re looking for something quick and light.”

Greg got in a game of Clank! “We played on the Legacy Underworld side of the board, using characters from the Upper Management expanaion. Tracy took Morgaen and I used Jim Darkmagic. We both delved deep, picking up backpacks to get a second artifact. It was a super close game in the end, with me leaving first and Tracy spending four or five more turns before getting out. It worked out for her as the final scores were 154 to 151, although she got a bit lucky with the cube draws as she had 15 of her cubes in the bag at the end!”

Tracy and Greg played another two player game of Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar using the Tribes and Prophecies expansion. “My tribe was pretty cool, meaning that if I placed two or more workers on a turn I could also pull a single worker off. That proved pretty useful, especially once I had got a couple of extra workers. I focused more on the second and third prophecies, making sure I was working on them early in the game. I was also able to get ahead on the Temple tracks and pick up a bunch of points that way. In the end it finished 91 to 73, as I also managed to pick up two monuments.”

Greg tried out Ticket to Ride Track Switcher which is one of the four new Logiquest puzzles that just came out. “This one is a bit similar to the Rush Hour Traffic puzzles in that you have to move the pieces around in order to get them in a specific configuration, except in this it’s all about trying to do it in the least number of moves possible. So far I’ve only done the easy puzzles and most of the intermediate puzzles, so I expect it to get much harder.”

Chad finally got a chance to play Gloomhaven! “We played for a little over 6 hours for the first session. It reminded me of a faster paced D&D at times with a focus on cards rather than dice. It was the perfect amount of danger and fun. Some points were gritty and “gloom” leered over us, and other times we were laughing and bashing up scrubs. Two of our companions fell due to exhaustion but we succeeded in completing the first scenario and we made it back to town eager to set out again! I rate it with a (much good, must play). And we will 100% keep playing this!”