What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 25-31

We kick off this week’s staff blog with an update on Kris’ painting project. “Yet more Orks, Brute Ram Ships may be poorly armed, but they like going fast and crashing in enemy ships!”

Greg got in a play of Dice Settlers. This is a dice rolling 4X game, but the direct conflict is fairly minimal so I actually quite like it. Players explore tiles and put their tents down on them to gain control for effects and victory points. There are also technology cards that can be unlocked for ongoing effects, and players can recruit new dice, gain resources to trade for points and place houses to govern the tiles. It’s a neat system and I enjoyed trying out a new set of technology cards in this game.

Greg and his group got back to their campaign in The Crew: Mission Deep Sea. “We picked up where we left off, which was on mission 26, and managed to play through the next three missions successfully after a few failures. I’m really enjoying the variety of tasks in the game and the different combinations that can come out!”

The kids were upstairs watching TV so Tracy suggested a game of Khora: Rise of an Empire with Greg. “We both played new factions, with me trying Athens and Tracy trying Olympia. Athens is mostly about playing cards, whereas Olympia is mostly about Culture, so neither of us was heavily invested in military in this game. I got some nice cards out to help my combos and then also got a couple of end game scoring cards that dovetailed well. That, plus some good dice rolls meant I had a pretty good game overall. Tracy’s plan didn’t quite come together in the same way though.”

Kris had light games night this week. “We played a couple of rounds of Gloom and a game of Zombie Flux, both fun little filler games, although Flux does suffer from an extremely varied play time!”

Greg and friends got in another session of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. “We failed this scenario convincingly the last time, but the experience allowed us to come up with a better plan this time around. We also decided to drop the difficulty one level. The end result was that we managed to win without much trouble, but it’s difficult to say if we would have one it on the regular difficulty level because it’s a scenario that can quickly snowball out of control when things don’t go just right.”

Yesterday Kris did a Halloween painting stream. “First up I painted a Dark Sword Miniatures Witch, (not a line we carry on the shelf but we can order them in as a special order). Then as she only took two hours, I did a quick Deadlands style model, a Scarecrow from the Reaper Bones Line. I only had about an hour left on my stream so he was more of a speed paint.”

Renee and Jenn finally had a chance to check out High Tea, the expansion for the game Chai. “This expansion includes a set of double sided player boards, each with a unique set of special abilities. Players can use their ability as a free action during their turn, after which they flip over the board and have access to the other side’s ability. It creates some new options for your strategy without changing the base game too much, which we liked.”