What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 18-24

It’s never too early to get the kids started on miniature painting! Kris’ daughter Evie wanted to make a fish and paint it. We think she did a great job!

Greg tried out this puzzle from Genius Games. “Genius Games make science-themed board games that are really interesting. Like a few other game companies they also started dabbling in making puzzles during Covid, and this is one of them. I also have Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie to do, and figure they’re good for starting conversations with the kids about who they are and what they’re known for.”

Renee and Jenn had a chance to play Res Arcana with the just released second expansion, Perlae Imperii. “This expansion adds a new element, pearls. Pearls have similar rules to Gold but are worth 1 point at the end the the game for each one in the players collection. As a result, the game end is now triggered at 13 points instead of 10. The expansion also includes some new Mages, Monuments, Places of Power and Artifacts. Jenn ended up getting the Pearl Bed and created a fantastic engine and ended up winning the game handily. We both enjoyed the additions and continue to love playing this game!”

They also had a chance to try out the new game TEN. “I was really excited about this game because it’s from the same designers as Point Salad which I think is fantastic. What I was surprised to find out and made it even more awesome, was discovering that it had a push your luck drafting mechanic similar to another family favourite, Circus Flohcati! You draw cards until you either stop and claim your reward or you bust and get nothing. You bust when the total value of the cards exceeds 10. However there are also currency cards whose value subtracts from that total and when you stop you can either take all the cards or the currency cards. If you take cards, all your opponents get the currency, which you can use to purchase cards in the market. But there’s more! You can also use currency to purchase wild cards through auction whenever they are revealed from the draw pile. This has all the elements I enjoy in a quick card game – some push your luck with enough strategy to make it interesting. Over the weekend Jenn and I both had chances to play it with Dad and it has been a hit!”

Greg likes the little tableau-builder Deus because it’s so simple but still offers some interesting decisions. “You have to deal with the luck of the draw, but you can always choose to spend your turn discarding cards to gain something and then drawing new ones, so it’s easy to cycle through if you don’t like what you have. In two player I’ve found the game almost always ends by Temples being built and that was the case in this game. I picked up a bunch of points during the game though, whereas Tracy only really scored for her Temples and leftover resources, so it was a comfortable victory.”

Greg and Tracy also played TEN. “This is a neat little push-your-luck card game where you’re trying to get runs of numbers in each colour. There are some interesting choices to be made though as some turns you end up helping your opponents. This was a super close game where Tracy ended up winning 26-25!”

Kris is still working on painting different Orks for Orktober. “On last week’s stream I had a vote and everybody voted for my Battle Fleet Gothic Ork Fleet to be next on the list. I have had them for a while now, and just never got around to painting them as I was always a fan of the Imperial Navy. But, the Orks being able to swamp the table seems like it will be fun.This was my first batch while I work on my colour scheme, a Terror Ship and 6 Onslaught escort frigates.”