What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 11-17

Kris decided he needed to mix up Orktober sot his week’s painting Stream was Orruktober instead! “I decided to start on the Kruleboyz from the the new Age of Sigmar Dominion box. I didn’t want to jump in with a unit as I wanted something I could make decent progress on in a shorter stream so I did the Swampcalla Shaman. He is not quite finished as I want to do a Swamp Base for him with water effects but I think he turned out well, especially as I didn’t really plan him out, I just jumped in.”

Greg and Tracy finally got around to trying Deckscape: Crew vs Crew which was a bit different in that you play team vs team, trying to solve each puzzle faster than the other team. “It came down to the final puzzle to decide who won, so it was definitely a close one. Overall I didn’t mind the puzzles but I wasn’t as keen on the head to head aspect as it just put more pressure on trying to come up with an answer quickly. It also meant that there weren’t as many puzzles as a typical Deckscape game as it had separate cards for each team to look at to solve each puzzle.”

Tracy, Matt, Lani and Greg started to play through the missions of the new version of The Crew, The Crew: Mission Deep Sea. “They’ve changed up the tasks quite a bit in this one and given them a difficulty rating so that each mission you draw tasks equal to the difficulty rating. That means some attempts you may have more or less tasks to complete than others, but if you have less then those tasks will likely be harder to accomplish. Rather than having tasks where you have to win specific cards and changing the order they must be completed in, this game gives tasks such as ‘win no 9s’, ‘win the first 2 tricks’, ‘never win two tricks in a row’, and similar. It really changes the way you have to think about things and makes it feel fresh and different to the original. We ended up completing the first 12 missions but still have lots to go!”

Sue finished another Rebel Veteran for Star Wars: Legion. “I did head swaps for most of my rebels, but this guy is straight out of the box. I used Apothecary White Contrast Paint for the majority of the uniform and a thinned down (Lahmain Medium) black shade over a light grey paint for the boots. For the face, I painted the black eyes before applying a thinned down Guilliman Flesh to the face and I painted the white dots on the eyes after that was dry. I do have a head magnifier for fine detail like that. The Contrast Paint pooled in a way that I didn’t like on the cheek, but I have learned to wait until it is dry and mix up the Contrast Paint with the color underneath to blend it nicely and cover up any pooling.”

Alex, Luke and Greg played another game of Zombie Kidz, now with the Clone unlocked as well as a couple of player powers and a couple of Super Zombie powers. “It’s still well balanced and we struggled early but managed to get things under control and eventually get the gates locked. We hadn’t played for a while but Alex pulled it out and still enjoys it.”

Kris finished the base for his Swampcalla Shaman. “Layering up the water effect, some colour and then texture before adding a variety static grass to (hopefully) look like a swamp!”

Greg played Exit: The Cursed Labyrinth four player and breezed through the first bunch of puzzles with no problem. “We did hit a couple that stumped us and that we needed hint cards for, but overall it wasn’t bad. We took a bit longer than we might have, due to distractions from the kids, not wanting to admit defeat and take hints, and also a good chunk of cutting for one puzzle. It was a pretty fun one overall!”

Kris wanted to try to get something finished on stream that actually included the basing and seeing as it’s still Orktober, doing 10 Grots seemed like an easy win. “I started the stopwatch when I had all 10 on painting handles and stopped it once they were all off the handles and the black rim around the base was finished. 2 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds from start to finish, not quite speed painting as I felt fairly laid back whilst doing them and I probably didn’t need to so so many highlights on the flesh. But I am happy with them, now I just have to do the other 20…”

Greg and his group got in another couple of sessions with Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. “We played a scenario that took us deeper into the sewers until we discovered some Blood Imps and Black Sludges, and then some Zealots who were performing a ritual to make more Blood Imps. It took a bit more effort and in the final room my Demolitionist and Tracy’s Hatchet both ended up exhausted, but luckily the last couple of monsters were almost dead and didn’t take much to finish off.” Later in the week they played again. “This was a side scenario that was all about the Hatchet character. It was unusual in that the Hatchet was in an arena and had to kill a bunch of monsters, but the rest of us were in the crowd and mostly just had to fight other crowd members to make them cheer for the Hatchet. It was actually a tougher one as the Hatchet is usually more about hanging back and fighting from range, so being alone was tough. We lost the first attempt but tried again and managed to win the second time.”

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