What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 4-10

Greg finally got Anachrony back to the table after spending the time to paint all of the Exosuits. “It’s a pretty meaty game, both in gameplay and theme, with players each controlling a faction trying to gain superiority on a ravaged world. Water is an important resource, as are the exosuits required to send workers out into the dangerous areas of the planet. It’s also possible to receive items sent from the future, but once you’re in the future you need to send those things back to the past to close the loop or you might cause an anomaly. Those are bad. In the meantime you’re constructing buildings and superprojects, conducting research, mining for resources and trading with nomads. You need to keep your workers motivated or they’ll lose morale. It’s a great game and I’m glad I got around to painting the Exosuits to add a bit more colour to the table.”

Kris has been doing some more painting. “Evie helped me sort out the different types of grass to go on to the bases, but that was all these Beast Snagger Orks needed to be finished. I left them for a while as I was not sure what sort of basing I wanted to do, but I think they turned out OK.”

Sue excitedly painted Yoda for Star Wars Legion. “Yoda actually comes with 2 miniatures, so you can actually build 2 Yodas, and these Yodas have multiple options for heads and arms. So there is quite a bit of customizability with this model. I chose the option with Yoda’s eyes closed. I thought it was nice that they included an option for people who didn’t want to attempt to paint Yoda’s eyes. I did add a black wash to his eyes, which I ended up touching up prior to adding the green wash for his skin. I primed Yoda Wraithbone and I colored the clothes under his robes Bloodreaver Flesh (the belt is Catachan Flesh) and I left the robe Wraithbone. I colored all the clothes with Aggaros Dunes Contrast Paint. I actually did the pants separate so that I could get the back of the robe, and I stuck the body on a hobby drill (pictured) to apply the Aggaros Dunes and let it dry. I used a thinned down (Lahmain Medium) Biel-Tan Green shade over his skin. Yoda is an incredibly easy model to paint, especially since you don’t have to draw his eyes if you don’t want to. I would rank this model as beginner. Applying the Aggaros Dunes to the clothes.”

Greg wanted to get Anachrony back to the table again quickly to hopefully solidify the rules. “Tracy and I both switched factions this time and stuck with the asymmetrical powers. I aimed for lots of buildings and trying to max out my time travel track, often getting resources from the future just so I could return them the next round and advance that track. I ended up scoring exactly the same points as in the previous game, and could have got more if I had planned better for my Evacuation scoring.”

According to Kris, “It would be rude to open up the Friday Night X-Wing night again and not play a game. I have been really enjoying flying Darth Vader in the TIE Defender with Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister for wingmen. It’s tricky sometimes because The Dark Lord of the Sith is over half of your squadron cost, but he more than pulls his weight in most games. Playing against the new Resistance Y-Wings meant that it was going to be extremely hard to not get shot, and so I concentrated on maximising the damage output to try to take ships off the table and even though Vader was downed in the end, the two Inquisitors carried the day, finishing off the remaining Y-Wings.”

Renee and Jenn got Rising Tide (aka Dutch Pandemic) to the table again, determined to build all 4 Hydraulic Structures. “We did it! While there is definitely a luck element with which cards come out, it did feel like we had more of a hand on managing the water this time. I have always enjoyed Pandemic but I really do find myself enjoying this version more. It may be because I’m Dutch, it may be that “playing pandemic” right now isn’t appealing, but I’m just happy with how much I enjoy this game. In addition to increasing the difficulty, the game comes with a variable objectives module in which you randomly set a series of objectives (4 or more depending on the difficulty) allowing players to win if all those objectives are met, rather than building the 4 structures. Jenn and I will likely try this the next time we play.”

Sue’s first Halloween project for 2021 was some WizKids unpainted Bodaks. “I reprimed them with Vallejo’s English Uniform and then used Fenrisian Grey for the skin. I added Aggaros Dunes Contrast Paint over the Robes and a thinned down (Contrast Medium) Space Wolves Grey Contrast Paint over the skin. I painted the black eyes and mouths prior to adding the Contrast Paint to the skin. I think Bodaks are wonderfully creepy. Pictured with WizKids Warlock Tiles in the background.”

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