What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Sept 27-Oct 3

We kick off this week’s staff blog with some miniatures painted by Kris. “I decided to bring some paints on vacation with me and have been working on a test colour scheme for a Delaque Gang for Necromunda.”

Greg got Wingspan back to the table. “We have the European expansion cards mixed in with this, and I also have a cool app on my phone called Wingsong that scans the cards from the game and plays the birdsong noises for that card. I managed to get two extra bonus cards towards the end of this game, and those cards gained me a grand total of zero extra points, but I did score well in all other categories and came out with a comfortable victory.”

Greg played another four player game of Lost Ruins of Arnak, a fun deck-building, worker-placement game. “I didn’t have a particular game plan as far as a strategy, but I started by picking up some cards that helped generate more coins. I always felt one step behind on the research track, but started to pick up towards the latter stages of the game and eventually made it to the top. I also defeated three Guardians and picked up some points from idols, artifacts and equipment cards, so it was a bit of a mixed game. Not a super high scoring one all round, but it was close, and lots of fun as usual!”

Greg also got a chance to play Abyss. “I’ve found in previous games of this that I always felt short of pearls, so I was happy to get an early Lord that gave me a pearl every turn. I paid a bit more attention to trying to get better cards, and also to which allies I was affiliating. It worked pretty well over all but not quite enough to win, with Matt winning by a few points in the end.” He also got in his weekly play of Tichu. “We played another short game to 500 points, with myself and Matt teamed up against Lani and Tracy. It went pretty much all our way, except for one hand when Matt called Tichu only to have Lani also call Tichu and manage to go out first. I called and made three Tichus myself though, so it ended up being a fairly comfortable win 695-305.”

Alex has been asking to play Sleeping Queens and she got a couple of games in with Greg. “She still wants to play with open hands but has otherwise got the hang of this now. I sometimes have to prompt her to check if she can use her number cards to make a sum, but she’ll sometimes do it herself. She enjoys waking up the Queens to see which one she gets, and likes the fact that the number cards have symbols that tie in to the different Queens. I won the first game so she obviously wanted to play again, and the second time she beat me handily.”

Chris has also been doing more painting. “Most gangs in Necromunda have a tactics card that allows you to summon a handful of hired goons to aid you for that game – but you need to have models ready to represent them. To easily tell them apart from my regular Van Saar gang members, I decided to revisit my original idea for a purple color scheme. Besides the main color, everything else was painted like my previous models. While I don’t expect too much of them on the tabletop, sometimes a few more boots on the ground is all you need (especially if a lot of my main characters are off recovering from previous injuries).”

Greg and gang played another scenario in Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. “In this scenario we went down into some sewers for some reason, and came up against some Black Sludges, Vipers and Vermlings. In the picture the Red Guard is off in the distance pulling the lever to open the sluice gate in the main sewer passageway while the rest of us try to finish off the last of the monsters before escaping. It was a bit of a close run thing but we did manage to get out and my Demolitionist and Tracy’s Hatchet both levelled up as a result.”

We finish this week’s blog with some more miniature painting from Kris. “It’s been a while but I am back to doing my Painting Streams on Twitch and wanted to embrace Orktober with something suitable. I finished up an Ork Nob on Smasher Squig for my new Beast Snagger Ork army for Warhammer 40,000. I also special ordered one of the Gamers Grass sculpted bases to try out, I have been loving using their basing products but having it all done for me definitely speed up the process!”

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