What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Aug 16-22

Greg picked up the Dulcinaria deck for Agricola some time ago but hadn’t got it to the table until now. “We didn’t have quite as much time so we just dealt seven cards from each deck and didn’t draft. There were some pretty interesting cards, including one that I played in round one for free that counted as an occupation, a field and a fireplace all in one, which was great. I did end up playing a lot of cards during the game, as the picture shows. Tracy didn’t quite get her engine going early enough and had to take a begging card and eat some raw grain a few times. Despite taking four negative points from one of my cards, I ended up with a respectable 54 to Tracy’s 28.”

Dice Throne: Tracy and I both tried new characters, with me playing the samurai against her honourless ninja. She started with a fairly weak attack, whereas I dived in with an Ultimate on my first turn. Things were looking good, except Tracy followed up with an ultimate of her own. I was always a little behind after that, in part down to her sneaky smoke bomb shenanigans, and shameful delayed poison. In the end though, Tracy had no cards in hand, so I knew I was safe to use my saved up CP and dice-altering cards to get me a second Ultimate attack for the win. Honour won out in the end!

Matt and Greg joined forces against Lani and Tracy in a 500 point game of Tichu. “It started badly for us, with Matt and Lani both calling Tichu and Lani managing to go out first. After that it pretty much all went in our favour though, with Matt calling and winning a Tichu the next hand, then me calling and winning a Grand Tichu and Matt calling and winning another Tichu the hand afterwards to give us a comfortable victory. My hands were quite polarized, either being garbage or insanely good. For my Grand Tichu call I had Mahjong, Dog, Dragon, Ace as part of my first 8 cards, and then my next 6 gave me two more aces and a King. Matt then passed me the fourth Ace and it made it a very easy one to go out first with :grinning:” They followed it with Coloretto. “This game continues to taunt me with my inability to do well. I always feel like I make the wrong choices with taking a row early or staying in and hoping to get more useful cards. You know that the other players are never going to do you any favours either. In this one Matt just squeaked a victory by one point over Tracy, with me in dead last of course!” They also taught Llama to Lani. “She proceeded to kick our ass, scoring just five points and going out in multiple rounds. It’s another game where I feel like I make bad decisions of when to stay in and keep drawing and when to just bug out and take my lumps. And why is it that the player to your right always increases the value in the middle one turn too soon?! It’s a super simple but fun game that can be played in 15 minutes or so.”

Greg tried out another Dice Throne character he hadn’t played before, the Tactician, while Tracy tried out the Moon Elf. “They’re both characters that are quite defensive and with elements of control, so it ended up being a long, attritional game. I managed to upgrade my defensive ability and it helped me to pick away with bits of extra damage due to the fact that the Moon Elf doesn’t do much undefendable damage. I was mostly able to keep my Tactical Advantage stack high enough to gain Protect tokens when needed too. For her part, Tracy was often gaining Evasive tokens, so there were lots of turns where little to no damage was done. Ultimately I managed to keep nickel and diming her down with bits of damage here and there, winning with about 7 health left myself.”

Renee picked up the Foray expansion for Morels a long time ago but had never managed to get it out of the shrink, until this week. “Morels has been a 2 player favourite in our family for a long time now; getting a lot of plays in over the years we’ve had it. Not sure why it took so long to get Foray to the table, but I finally did! Dad and I played a 2 player game in which we added a bunch of the new cards which we found fun as they added some new abilities and events in the game. We only tried the first module, so there are even more cards for us to check out later as well. The game also includes components and altered rules for both 3 player and 4 player games. Dad, Jenn and I tried out the 3 player variant and found it worked fairly well and it was a lot of fun to be able to play it all together for the first time!”

Renee and Jenn also got a chance to play Project L. “This was just as much fun as I was expecting; getting to complete the puzzles with the plastic pieces on these little boards was extremely satisfying. We played a couple of games to try and figure out the strategies for card drafting, trying to plan for using the Master Action as much as possible while also balancing the need to finish puzzles to get your pieces back and have a plan to use them again. We somehow had much higher scores in our first game, but I think we both tried to go for the larger puzzles too soon the second game. Very fun and we’ll definitely be playing it again.”

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