What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Aug 9-15

We kick off this week’s blog with Sue’s painted Rune Hakko from the Star Wars: Legion Vital Assets box set. “I primed his head with Grey Seer and his body with Citadel’s Death Guard Green. From there, I picked out the purple parts. After that, I added green/purple Contrast Paints and washes. The skin is a thinned down Plaguebearer Flesh Contrast Paint over the Grey Seer. I painted the red eyes before adding the Plaguebearer Flesh overtop, so that I could do any touch ups prior to adding the “liquid skill” (as we call it). This was an easy model to paint.”

Sue also painted a bear from Reaper Bones: Black. “I primed it with Vallejo’s English Uniform and dry brushed it with Citadel’s Zandri Dust prior to adding a thinned down (w/ Contrast Medium) Gore Grunta Fur Contrast Paint. I painted the eyes and the nose prior to adding the drybrushing/ Contrast Paint, and the white dots in the eyes after. I really can’t say enough good things about the Bones: Black miniature line. Quality plastic and loads of detail. I really didn’t have to put much effort into this model at all and it painted up really fast.”

Greg made these yummy Won-Taun Tundra Treats. “After I picked up the D&D cook book, a Star Wars one followed soon after. This one mostly contains sweet treats and desserts, and I chose to make the Won-Taun Tundra Treats this week. The trickiest part was finding the Wonton wrappers (I got them at T&T), and also trying to make them with two young kids who insisted on ‘helping’. The end result is pretty great though so it was all worth it! ‘…I thought they smelled good…on the outside…'”

Tracy and Greg played a pretty epic game of Dice Throne, with her Pyromancer against his Vampire Lord. “It was pretty even for a while but then, with me at 17 and Tracy at 13, she did 16 undefendable damage, leaving me at 1. Things were looking grim, but I drew a ‘Not This Time’ card, healed two and gained three blood power. Tracy attacked for 9 but on my defensive roll I stole a health, gained another blood power and played my card, leaving me at 1 again, and Tracy at 12. On my next attack I did 8 undefendable and spent my four blood power to heal the 8, leaving me at 9 and Tracy at 4. It looked like I might actually have turned things around! Then, disaster struck: on the third roll of Tracy’s next attack she rolled three 6s, and played a Six-It to stun me, deal a bunch of undefendable damage and then attack again for the win. Such a close and awesome game!”

Later in the week Tracy and Greg played another game of Dice Throne, with her choosing to play the Pyromancer again. “I took the Artificer, who I hadn’t tried before. It was cool to see another character and try to figure them out. The Artificer makes bots that can help by doing extra damage or healing, so you want to get them up and running as soon as possible. It was another pretty close game and despite being down to five health I thought I was going to win thanks to an ultimate, using a couple of cards to help. Except Tracy had her own card to mess with my dice, preventing the ultimate and meaning I didn’t deal enough damage to kill her, and then I died on her next turn.”

Greg picked Newton up recently and tried a two player game with Tracy. “Every round players play a total of five action cards, with the strength of the action being determined by how many of that symbol the player has visible. At the end of the round the player chooses one card to tuck under their player board, meaning it’s no longer available to play, but adds it’s symbol to the strength of other actions. The different actions let the players gain new, more powerful action cards, gain money, travel around Europe to different universities and other locations, have students advance in their studies or add books to their bookshelves, with many ways to gain victory points. After six rounds the game ends. It was a cool game, that flowed really well and had some interesting decisions. I managed to get some other ways of generating money, so didn’t need to do that action for the whole game, and started generating victory points early, ending with a comfortable victory.”

Greg played another three player game of Viticulture: Essential Edition, this time with Matt and Tracy. “The turn order is so crucial in this game and I always felt as though I wasn’t quite able to get everything done because of actions being taken by the others. I did do better overall, getting a few wine orders fulfilled, but Matt still finished well ahead of us both.” They also played L.l.a.m.a. “This is a super easy little filler game of trying to empty your hand. The twist of being able to choose to drop out of a round and just take some negative points rather than keep going and risk getting even more points, is what makes it different and fun in my opinion.”

Greg and his group continued their campaign in Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. “We tried one of the side quests where we had to search a storage room to find some stolen goods. The only problem was that extra monsters were also in some of the hidden spots, so often you’d end up being ambushed. I took some hits and had to pitch a couple of cards, which meant I ended up getting exhausted quite quickly. Tracy and Lani also ended up getting exhausted towards the end, leaving Matt alone, but luckily he managed to finish off the last monsters and find the last item, meaning we just about won the scenario.”

Greg finally managed to get a reasonable score in Clever Cubed. “I decided to focus entirely on getting fox heads, skipping a bunch of the early brown numbers to make sure I could get to the end. It definitely helped, although I still have lots of room for improvement.”

Renee read The Expanse novella The Vital Abyss. “This follows the life of Cortazar, one of the Protogen researchers working on the Phoebe project, from his life on earth to when the researchers are captured after the events on Eros. This character was woven into the tv series, although with a lot of creative liberties. I definitely enjoyed this version of his story and found it provided a lot more perspective on the character which I found interesting. Again another novella that I recommend checking out if you’re into the series.”

Tracy and Greg ended the week by playing a game of Clank! using the Legacy board but with characters from the C Team expansion pack. “Even before the first turn we both had a bunch of Clank thanks to Vault cards and other effects, so it looked like it would be an interesting one. Tracy seemed to be ahead as far as points, but had also taken more damage, and with only one health left wasn’t quite able to make it to safety. I bought two cards, and the second refill brought a dragon attack that killed her. I then proceeded to get greedy, and inexplicably bought a card while I was on the same space Tracy had died on, just one spot from safety. Naturally I drew a dragon attack and killed myself, when I could have just left it alone and been guaranteed to get another turn and almost certainly make it to a safe area. D’oh!”

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