What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – July 26-Aug 1

Greg and Tracy to a stab at Exit: The Deserted Lighthouse. “Wow, this one was tough. It’s rated as a four out of five difficulty, so it should be hard, but we really struggled. We also hadn’t looked at the play time, so we ended up doing it over two nights as it was longer than anticipated. I don’t know if we were rusty from not doing many escape rooms lately, but we needed a lot of clues for this, and I’m pretty sure I could have sat for hours and still not figured some of them out without the help. The jigsaw puzzle element didn’t really add anything for me either – it just meant it was more time-consuming. Overall this was a dud for me, unless you like spending a bunch of time doing small puzzles and feeling stupid. I hope the other puzzle Exit game I have (The Sacred Temple) is better.”

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