What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – July 19-25

Kris’ day didn’t go entirely to plan so he didn’t get as much time to paint as he wanted to, “So I decided that a speed paint challenge would ensure that I made progress on something! I gave myself 1 hour to paint Commissar Yarrick as he was the first (sort of) undercoated model I found on my Shame Shelf.”

Greg played The Mind. “It had been a while since I last played this but I got in a few three and four player games. We were all either fairly new to it, or fairly rusty, so we didn’t do amazingly well, but it was still a lot of fun.”

Hanabi is another great game that Greg hadn’t played for a while. “We started with a four player game that was Lani’s first time playing and Matt’s second. Things didn’t go amazingly well, but it was a good introduction. Tracy sat out the second game and things went much better for the three of us, ending with a score of 24. Not perfect but pretty close!”

After a long hiatus Greg and his group finally got back to their Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion campaign, playing scenario 5. “We were all a bit rusty, specifically in our group communication, so we ended up losing our first attempt. We did try again the next night though and were much better, winning quite comfortably, and all making it to level 2 ready for the next scenario.”

Greg also had a chance to get back to The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine. “We continued playing through a bunch of missions over a number of nights. Sometimes we were playing quite late and there were a few tired mistakes, but we kept plugging away. We’re now up to Mission 42, so we don’t have too much left, although they are likely to be pretty hard.”

Greg finished reading Gardens of the Moon by┬áSteven Erikson. “This is the first book in a large series (10 books I believe) and follows a variety of characters but mostly a group from the Bridgeburners, soldiers in the army of the Malazan Empire. It has an interesting use of Magic, and also has Gods involved, who often use mortals to in their schemes. It was pretty interesting, with some intrigue and political maneuvering going on, and I’ll likely pick up the second book in the future.”