What have The Sentry Box been up to – July 12-18

Greg and Trach played Exit: The Gate Between Worlds. “The story of this one is that it follows on from one of the previous Exit games, although it’s not necessary to have played it. This one is about passing through a gate to another world and then trying to find your way back, passing through other worlds on the way. It was a little surprising when we opened it up as there was only one puzzle card, but that was because there were a variety of World Maps, that each had puzzles on them. The puzzles were pretty good throughout. We needed a couple of clues, not so much to figure out what to do, but to figure out how to use the information we got. Overall it was one of the better Exit games we’ve done, definitely recommended!”

Tracy and Greg played another game of Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar with the Tribes & Prophecies expansion. “My tribe was one that let me use some of the wheels interchangeably. That proved to be pretty useful at times as I was always able to pick the better placement option between them. I didn’t really have much of a plan, but I built a building early on that gave me skulls in the late game, so I made sure to take advantage of those, and also ended up focusing on the Temple tracks. Tracy built two monuments but was forced to lose a bunch of points at the end due to Prophecies and not being able to feed, so I took the win.”

Renee finally picked up Pandemic: Rising Tide. “It’s surprising I waited this long because we love Pandemic and this one takes place in The Netherlands. Instead of fighting viruses, you’re working together to keep Holland water-free by building dykes, installing windmills to pump out water and ultimately, to win the game, build 4 hydraulic structures. We really, really, liked this version and not just because it takes place in the motherland. There seemed to be a bit more going on here – you have to work to remove the water cubes from the board so you don’t run out, but you can also build dykes to control the water flow. In addition if you build your water pumps strategically, you can use them to help keep problem areas in control. We were really close to winning and probably too focused on building our last 2 structures which is why we ultimately lost by running out of water cubes. We’ll definitely be trying again!”

Tracy and Greg joined Matt and Lani for a couple of long sessions of The Crew. “Over the two sessions we played through and completed the first 22 missions. Some of them definitely caused a few difficulties, taking 5+ attempts to successfully complete. Sometimes that was down to misplays due to tiredness or just lack of focus, but some of the missions can be quite difficult if the tasks end up being unfavourable. It’s a super addictive game though, and it’s easy to just keep going and going as you always want to try one more time!”

Greg had a chance to check out new arrival Project L. “This is a little abstract game of filling puzzle cards with polyomino pieces to score points. Players take up to three actions a turn: taking puzzle cards (you can have up to four unfinished puzzles at a time), adding a piece, taking a level 1 piece (single square), upgrading a piece, or (once per turn) a Master action that lets you add a piece to each of your current cards. When a puzzle is finished you get back the pieces used on it plus a bonus piece, and it may be worth points. When the black (harder) puzzle deck runs out you finish the round and play one more complete round before scoring. It’s a fun little optimization game, with great components. The pieces are bakelite and the cards are recessed so the pieces stay on them properly. Great if you’re looking for a 2-4 player puzzley game that plays in about 30 minutes.”

Kris did a practice model for his planned colour scheme for the up coming Beast Snagga Orks, “Just in case I manage to snag one for myself on Saturday!”