What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – July 5-11

After a fair bit of mucking around with color schemes, Chris decided to paint up (at least some of) his new Battletech miniatures in the colors of the Draconis Combine (plus he already had some of the decals, which are pretty hard to come by). “This Archer is my first completed model in this scheme. I knew that I wanted to try something a bit more colorful that would stand out on the tabletop, and that House Kurita red fits the bill. While my usual blue lens effects on the canopy would have worked, I wanted to try something a bit different and went with a bright green. The effect turned out nicely – mixing in a bit of yellow to the final highlights really makes them vibrant. The red is done entirely with Citadel colors, beginning with Mephiston Red and then adding drybrushes of Evil Sunz Scarlett and Wild Rider Red. P3 Ironhull Grey on the upper limb sections helps break up all the red and gives a good background for most of the markings. And what giant robot would be complete without a few caution stripes?”

Greg played more MicroMacro Crime City. “The cases are so quick to play through so Tracy and I have actually now gone through all 16 and the two promo cases that came with the game as well. The difficulty does increase (ranging from 1 to 5), but we didn’t really have much trouble with any of them. If you can follow the movements of the characters then you can usually answer the questions pretty easily. It was a fun, different type of game to try if you want a co-op puzzly type of thing.”

Renee has also been making her way through the remaining cases. “I decided to try their suggested Advanced Version, where you find the crime and then without looking at the prompt cards, try to solve the case. To facilitate this I picked up some Chessex glass gaming stones, which I could use to track the movements of the victim as well as anybody else who appeared to be involved in the crime. Once I felt like I had figured out what happened, I would start making my way through the cards. This version definitely took a bit more time as I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but I found it a bit more engaging and fun.”

Lani and Greg teamed up against Matt and Tracy in a game of Spades. “I started with a Nil bid, and it could have gone wrong but luckily made it through to give us a good start. We pushed ahead more and were close to victory when the wheels fell off a little thanks to getting 10 bags and then missing a bid for 6. Matt and Tracy caught up a bit in those rounds, but we were able to close out the win in the end.”

It had been a while since Greg had last played regular Pandemic, “So Matt, Tracy and I played a 3 player game on standard difficulty. Our team of Dispatcher, Scientist and Medic made hard work of it at times, but ultimately came through for the win on the last possible turn. Due to the way the cards came out my Scientist only ended up curing one of the four diseases, so that ability wasn’t fully utilized.”

Hanabi is another great game that Greg hadn’t played for a while. “Matt was new to the game and Tracy isn’t a big fan of it as she finds it too stressful, but we did alright in the end, scoring 21. The online implementation is a little easier though, as it displays any clues you’ve received so that you don’t have to remember them. I love how simple, yet clever this game is!”

While hanging out at Renee’s, Christopher pulled out Shape by Shape, a solo puzzle game from the folks at ThinkFun. “Now that he’s out of school but with no camps or such, we’ve been trying to find activities that he can do by himself when we’re busy. I love that activities like this are helping him work on his spatial cognition while being engaging enough that he will happily spend an hour working on the puzzles.

Renee picked up Things Heroes Say, a new arrival at the store. “This is a fun book that combines fabulous art style with fun phrases adventurers can use in the various situations they might find themselves in while playing. It acts as a resource, giving players ideas on how to be more creative with their contributions to the gaming table, but I got it because I thought it was just a lot of fun to read. Christopher and I had fun flipping through it together and shared some good laughs. I’m really impressed with the quality of the RPG resource books that have been coming out the last couple of years; lots of good stuff in this area of the bookstore.”

Kris has been working through some projects he put on hold last year. “There didn’t seem to be any rush to get them done, but now that we are getting closer to being able to play I really need to pick up the pace now¬†:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: