Summer Fun Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular Mayhem with Gaslands Refuelled

Ever since Mad Max, it has been impossible to separate fast and crazy cars from the post-apocalypse. Now, finally, it is possible to play a great miniature game based around that concept. Strap on your seat belts as we have a good test drive of Gaslands Refuelled.

The concept is simple (and should still be fresh in your 12 year old mind…): build a team of trucks, cars, bikes or other vehicles and then race, crash, smash and shoot your way to victory. 

Many fantastic racing / smashing games have come before but none have done it better than Gaslands. This new edition of Gaslands Refuelled puts the pedal to the metal with 110%. The game is fast and lots of fun and also knows exactly what it is and what you want. Look no further for your summer death races!

Get your motor runnin’! Gaslands Refuelled rules the wasteland!!!

Some bold statements in those first few paragraphs, but not undeserved. The game itself is fast, with easy to understand mechanics and a unique style of play. Coupled with the fact you need only some dice, templates and a few dinky cars; it really is cheap and easy to get into. 

Gaslands Refuelled, at its core, is a racing game, however, it should be noted that a huge draw is converting and ‘gunning up’ your vehicles. Tabletop gamers and modellers will be familiar with the concept of a bits box but not everyone will be at home converting, especially with no tiny guns…

North Star Military Figures come racing to the rescue with Implements of Carnage. Two sprues of guns, pipes, plates, little guys, rams, bikes, turrets and various, well…Implements of Carnage. These are scaled perfectly and make an excellent starting point for beginners and vetran gamers alike. They have been designed for simple assembly and require little more than to be glued to the car of your choice.

Begin your evil plan now…so many fun choices for weaponry and this is only one sprue!

The next thing to do is go and get some tiny metal cars. These things are everywhere and cheap and endlessly styled from realistic to ridiculous, all things are available depending on your tastes.

Once the cars were acquired, it was time to have a read of the rulebook, which is well organised and a quick read. For beginners it is recommended that both players have a single car and a single buggy, both armed with a front-facing machine gun. So, there it is. Onto the vehicles…

The first two-vehicle team are both just regular dinky cars, with no real modifications. Dirt and rust were added to both and the dune buggy had its tires swapped for larger, cooler ones. The buggy already has front-mounted machine guns and we can pretend that there is a passenger in the Hot Wheels car equally armed. Team one is ready to go!

Presenting Team Blue Ruin; Little Boy Blue and the Berm Blaster. 

The second team were slightly more challenging, but still essentially toy cars with stuff stuck on. The buggy was new in pack, it has been repainted and an old Orc giff plate was added to the hood. The genius here was to add a small magnet to the roof, allowing for multiple weapon mounts, which allows for it to face in any direction.

Next, onto the car which was a thrift store find, and beat up. The wheels were removed and replaced with larger ones, a side gun was added and the blower array was re-painted to match the gun. I added rust and grime and both starting teams were ready for battle.

Team Futurekill is ready; Tiger Tomcat and the Red Rocket.

With the vehicles squared away it is time for a proper read of the rules before the first game. If you like this theme and are aged between 8 and 99, there is no way you will not love this product. Go buy it now and get your cars ready!

Gaslands Refuelled has so much to offer for summer hobby and fun time. Loving the simplicity of the builds and how each vehicle is it’s own stand alone piece of art. Expect many more cars and assorted themed nonsense for next time…

-Uncle Mike

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