What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 28-July 4

This week, Sue decided to work on some miniature conversions. “This Forgeworld model will be my Necromunda Escher Leader, but I wanted her to wear pants, not the half skirt thing.. so I removed the skirt, and rebuilt the pants using sculpting tools and green-stuff. I’ve always liked green-stuff for it’s ability to really customize and personalize my miniatures.”

Sue also did a kitbash between a Warhammer 40k Callidus Assassin and a Necromunda Champion. “I want my 2 champions to have different outfits than the standard House Escher attire. I used shoes, head, and special weapon from the House Escher box set, and I also made an Escher belt (it’s just a sphere inside a torus). In addition to the head and the weapon, I thought the shoes and the belt would further unify this model with the rest of my gang.”

Greg and Tracy played the last three missions of The Initiative campaign, winning all of them and winning the campaign overall. “We had 13 wins and just 1 loss, which we could and maybe should have won, so overall I feel like it wasn’t too hard. We’ve now got the chance to play the post-campaign, standalone missions if we want, and it says they are a bit harder, so maybe we’ll find a challenge.”

Renee and Jenn decided to try the training mode of Mind Mgmt in order to start learning the basics of the game. “We were quickly joined by Christopher and ended up playing a few times with him over the week. One player is The Recruiter and using hidden movements, tracked on their board behind their screen, moves around the map trying to pick up enough recruits to win the game or simply avoid being caught before time runs out. The remaining players use 4 Rogue Agents to move around the board, trying to track The Recruiter’s movements in order to capture them. The board is covered with icons, which both act as locations for the recruits as well as allowing the agents to pick up clues about The Recruiter’s location. In this mode it feels like a modern take on the classic game of Scotland Yard; it’s a quick play and was fun with the kid. Next step, learn the full game rules and discover how all the remaining components come into play!”

Renee and Jenn also played another EXIT game, The Sinister Mansion. “I think we’re about 10 EXIT games in and I love that they still have the ability to make us laugh with the flavour text. Also, we’re becoming aware that there appears to be a shared EXIT universe in which these tales all take place. This particular game was another non-linear one, with multiple puzzles being revealed at a time. We continue to be impressed with the team they have coming up with these stories, puzzles and innovative ways to use the items. Dad and I also played our first game of The Game: Face to Face against each other. Still feels hard to earn a legit win by playing all your cards, which I guess is good because it should feel challenging. Makes it feel that while you’re each competing against each other, you are both simultaneously still trying to beat The Game.”

Greg also picked up MicroMacro Crime City and played through the Introductory Case plus the next five regular cases over a couple of nights. “It’s definitely more of a puzzly activity than a game, but since I enjoy puzzly activities I thought it would be a good choice. The first five regular cases have difficulties ranging from 1 to 3 (out of 5), so none of them were too challenging or time consuming, but hopefully some of the more difficult cases will make us work harder. It’s fun and interesting, I like it!”

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