What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 21-27

Sue painted her other most recent Forgeworld model, Bigby Crumb the Ratling Chef. “Even though the Roge Doc comes with a different model in her box, I just see these two as travelling companions. I primed Bigby with Wraithbone primer. I used Apothecary White Contrast Paint for his hat and chef shirt, and Guilliman Flesh for his skin. I wanted his skin tone to be slightly different from the Rogue Doc, so they are both primed different colors, and while they’re both Guilliman Flesh, hers is thinned down with Contrast Medium. I used Nazdreg Yellow Contrast Paint for his blonde hair. I primed his chef’s pot Leadbelcher and just used a black shade overtop. It’s kind of blurred out, but Bigby’s missing shoe ended up in the stew!”

Renee picked up new arrival to the store MicroMacro Crime City, a 1-4 player Where’s Waldo style puzzle game. The game features a massive table sized picture of a city (deck of cards for scale), filled with all kinds of details. You get 16 cases to solve, each with a starting white card which introduces the main character and provides a clue to the start of the case. Each additional card has a prompt (What was the murder weapon? Where did the victim live? What was the motivation?) and you follow the various characters along their routes through the city to pick up clues and answer the questions. Each solution has a specific location which is revealed at the back of the prompt card. The cases start fairly easy and are resolved within 10-15 mins, so I was able to play through the first 6 cases in one sitting. They do get harder and apparently take longer to solve as you make your way through the envelopes. I really enjoyed my first session, this was a lot of fun!

Jenn and Renee tried Royal Visit for the first time. “This is a remake of a classic Reiner Knizia 2 player game. First, can we talk about how beautiful the cloth “board” on which you play is? They did a great job of the art style on this one. Players use cards to move the king and his guards, “the court”, trying to get the king into their chateau to win. The rules are very straightforward, so it’s a game of making the most of the cards to move the various characters, trying to set up moves a few turns in advance, while being forced to react to your opponent’s moves. It’s a fun little 10-20 minute game.”

They also played another EXIT game, The Stormy Flight. “This was another fairly straight forward one, with linear puzzles and nothing too hard. You’re on a plane and they did a great job of creating puzzles using the plane, so it really did recreate the experience of being in a plane themed escape room. Another fun adventure! We also played a few more games of The Game: Face To Face which is on track to becoming a family favourite.”

Tracy and Greg played three more games of the The Initiative, winning them all and earning achievements for two more characters along the way. “A few more new elements have been unlocked as well. The last game in particular was very close, with us winning just in time before we would have drawn our third time symbol.” They also played a game of Santorini online. “Tracy got confused about which God she was and thought her power was actually the one I had. That made it a bit skewed and I won easily.”

They played two games of Draftosaurus with Lani. “They were both super close, with the winner ahead by just one point. I definitely prefer playing the longer variant where you play both the summer and winter boards. It’s a great little game. We ended the night with a three player game of the tableau-builder Race for the Galaxy. It was only Lani’s second game so I think she’s still getting ised to all the icons and figuring out what everything does. Tracy won another close game by just one point, with my three 6 cost developments not quite enough to win.”

Greg and Tracy played one more game of The Initiative to round out the week, “In part because the game room in the basement is nice and cool. This one started with us needing to solve a little puzzle, and then added another new element to contend with. We just about won the game and then there was a puzzle at the end that gave us a bit of trouble, but I think we have it figured now, ready for next time.”

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