What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 21-27

Sue painted her other most recent Forgeworld model, Bigby Crumb the Ratling Chef. “Even though the Roge Doc comes with a different model in her box, I just see these two as travelling companions. I primed Bigby with Wraithbone primer. I used Apothecary White Contrast Paint for his hat and chef shirt, and Guilliman Flesh for his skin. I wanted his skin tone to be slightly different from the Rogue Doc, so they are both primed different colors, and while they’re both Guilliman Flesh, hers is thinned down with Contrast Medium. I used Nazdreg Yellow Contrast Paint for his blonde hair. I primed his chef’s pot Leadbelcher and just used a black shade overtop. It’s kind of blurred out, but Bigby’s missing shoe ended up in the stew!”

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