What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 14-20

Sue was notified that her latest Forgeworld order arrived at the Sentry Box this week, so she pushed aside all her other projects and excitedly painted this Rogue Doc from Necromunda. “I primed the model white, and used Apothecary White (as is) for the shirt and mask. I did a terrible job of applying it to the mask, so I ended up doing highlighting down the center, on the creases, and around the edges to fix it. For the medical outfit, I used Gauss Blaster Green with a thinned down (Contrast Medium) Aethermatic Blue over top. I used thinned down (Contrast Medium) Guilliman Flesh for the skin and Magos Purple for the hair. Since most of her face is covered, I tried to give her bold make up to at least make her eyes stand out. The Contrast Paint pooled in a way I didn’t like in a couple of areas, like her tummy, so I waited for it to dry and mixed the Contrast Paint with the color underneath to blend and fix it. I’ve wanted to paint this model ever since it was released. I love the outfit, and everything about it! “

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