Crusty Brushes: Being An Arbitrator – Big Plans For Eventual Return To The Tabletop Part Four

I’ve been doing these Necromunda articles for the better part of two years now and sometimes It can be a bit tricky to form an articulate and concise article, with a good beginning, middle and end. Sometimes, however,  you just say stuff and show pretty pictures…

this time, it’s the latter!

With my shiny and new Zone Mortalis tiles and bits from Games Workshop complete I am thrilled with the results. Looks like if you throw a ton of time, thought and money at a project it turns out good. But that’s just my opinion, look on dear reader…

Once again, for clarity, I have managed to complete eight tiles, three I have already shown in other articles, the last five have been finished at the same time and are presented here. Let’s start by showing the five tiles individually, with a brief description of what makes that tile unique and then we’ll move onto some larger table set ups, using all the tiles and some little guys sprinkled on top for fun.

So many places to NOT stand on. I have some weird fetish about Plazma cooking human scumbags…

I may need to get a bigger light box at some point, as these tiles are a bit large for mine…just try and ignore the patchy background. When putting these tiles together I tried to make each unique and also scatter a bunch of similar elements throughout. Tile 4 has a single, large door set up in a room at one end of the tile. I built this expressly for rescuing locked up hostages or similar in a number of scenarios. Also, Plazma pipes were added for extra danger and to build up more line-of-sight blockers. 

The real feature here is the horizontal fan, which can be removed, leaving a large and bottomless hole. Having to think of creative space filling ideas lead me to reuse and magnetize this old hummus lid and toy. In fact, in the end, I managed to use up about a year and a half worth of scatter terrain on these tiles, which helped with the eclectic look and also to fill space cheaply.

I had so much fun ‘spilling’ ink out of the shipping container, mopping it up and setting up the barricade. I may have missed my calling…

Three of my eight tiles have a third floor, as with Tile 5. However, this is the only tile to feature a cargo lift. Another Plazma pipe and vent also appears. The floor space directly under a Plasma vent is clearly marked for gamers to be aware of (and to beware of…).

This tile also features a magnetized Spider Hoist (not pictured…) and a sideways cargo container which provides a space that only models on smaller bases will be able to squeeze through. Finally, three Ammo Caches have been scattered throughout the tiles, one is on the top floor here (and another on Tile 4…).

Nothing really dangerous here…just a place to store some old tires, I guess…

At some point I got the brilliant idea that I could use an eight sided dice to generate tiles for a game, and then I thought that I should mark the tiles in some way. So I did. Wherever possible each tile sports a number somewhere…usually on a grate. Tile 6 here is a bit confusing as it has a large 5 and 6 on it…who knows why I did that…to confuse myself I guess…

The tile has one large door, an Ammo Cache and a bunch of scatter terrain. The terrain has again been set up to allow smaller models more freedom of movement. This is the barrenest tile I produced and I feel that the danger stripe and assorted bits and pieces really worked out well.filling in that open space.

CAPTION: These stairs are the perfect size to allow easy access for an Ogryn or Ambot to reach the second level.

The new Zone Mortalis scenery is much like an overly complex building block set where you can’t do everything you want. That said, you can still do some pretty cool stuff. I had totally forgotten to use the stairs for instance. Tile 7 is the Stair tile and another three level tile as well. 

More Plazma pipes and vents appear here. I had a bunch of spare little pipe pieces and configured one on this tile (and the next tile as well…) to vent onto another, unmarked tile. Should keep everyone (including the guy who built them…) on their toes.

I also had a spare, short, concrete barricade which looks great as an interest piece. I feel that I should point out that applying danger stripes has been a large part of my mental health strategy throughout the current pandemic, and it looks great again here. Can you ever have too much?

CAPTION: You ever just need to use up a bunch of odds and ends? Yup.

Tile 8 is another three level tile, more pipes and vents as well as a large and small door. I also used the piece that has the removable power cells. I figured I should use at least one of these for some possible future scenario. Much like the stairs on the last tile, this tile uses up the hatchways that I had put aside and then forgotten about.

Various key pads, which were done in two colour varieties (again, this may have a reason…who can say…) danger lights, ladders and other assorted stuff are scattered throughout the tiles. At some future time I will write up a proper key for each tile so players can have a handy in-game reference, but for now I am content to call this an end of a rather large project.

A standard four tile set up.

Now, with the ‘how’ out of the way let’s have a look at these tiles in action…or a semblance of action anyway.  While any sort of organized multi-player league is out of the question at present I did manage a social distance package hand off last time I was at work. Big thanks to the indomitable Chris Sheppard for the use of his sinister Delaque gang: The Viper Syndicate.

The same four tiles, just set up differently.

Once league play can commence I suspect these guys will make an appearance and I may do some more articles on Necromunda but that will be a while off yet. I think there will be at least enough time for all the gang books to be released and all the gangs to be upgraded to the new cool stuff. All I can say for sure is that it will look amazing when it finally goes down!

Even when I’m just setting up photos it looks like my opponent is winning…

I guess an ‘in conclusion’ is required if I’m going to stop writing…so, I’ll simply say this: lots of times in pop culture, things that you thought were awesome as a kid end up being not as awesome as when you were a kid. Could be that the thing just falls apart under ‘adult’ scrutiny or it has been re-done and the mix is wrong or whatever. Could suck for many assorted reasons… 

CAPTION: Just another set up…I could do this all day. The assembled tiles are so much fun to swap.

The new Necromunda game really  feels like a breath of fresh air into an old property and the love and support that the game receives is spectacular. While many ideas are familiar there is also an immense amount of source material and story fluff that is completely new or used to expand on existing ideas.

Occasionally, games will call for six tiles. I’m ready…but I may think about another few…just for variety, you understand.

With enough variety and random craziness to keep seasoned gamers busy for a long while, I heartily recommend Necromunda as the sci-fi hobby game for the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading and fingers crossed to league games soon.

ary opponent gets the last laugh!?! At least I knocked out this splendid Gunk Tank.

Thanks for reading.

-Uncle Mike

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