What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 7-13

Greg tried new Kickstarter arrival Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game. “This is the latest offering from Genius Games, who make great games with scientific themes. This one is a medium-weight, worker-placement, dice-drafting game, where players are breeding pea plants for specific genetic traits. The dice are rolled each round and represent the different traits and players draft what they need to fulfil their plants, before harvesting them and scoring points. There are action spaces to manipulate the drafting order, pick up new plant cards or tools, plant and harvest, and more, and there are upgrades a player can buy at the end of each round. It was a fun game and, as usual, comes with a booklet explaining the science behind the game. Tracy asked to play again the next day and this time she did much better, crushing me by 95 to 77. It’s a nice medium weight game with a bit of luck in the card draws and dice rolls, but with a decent amount of strategy as well.”

Greg and Tracy also had a chance to try out the new game Catapult Feud. “As a kid I was always envious of friends who owned Crossbows & Catapults, so when I heard about this I knew I had to pick it up. The game is pretty much what you’d expect: fire boulders at each other until one has no troops left. It tries to add a little spice with the tactics cards but ultimately it’s all about firing small rubber boulders using a little catapult and celebrating when you get a good hit. In this case Tracy made good use of the lip around the table, taking two of my troops out by rebounding off the back and claiming victory!”

Danielle just finished painting this miniature for Edward. “He is a Dark Heaven model and I used zenithal priming for the first time. I love this priming method! It makes it so easy to figure out where to put the highlights and lowlights. Edward wanted reddish blonde hair, fair skin, soft leather and blue tones. This was my best face yet and I’m very proud of it. Sculpting the cobblestones was also much, especially adding the moss. This project got me over my art block and I’m excited to tackle my next projects.”

Greg and Tracy got The Initiative to the table this week. “This is a co-operative campaign game, where players are trying to decipher codes by finding clues around the board. I’m assuming there will be more puzzly elements as we play through the campaign and unlock new secrets. The gameplay is mostly through card play onto different piles to perform different actions like running around, gathering clue tokens or revealing tokens in other rooms. I’m curious as to how it will progress as we get more games played.”

This weekend, Sue made a miniature of a different kind, “I tried my hand at wood carving for the first time. I picked up a couple of wood carving knives, but integral to the project was the Gale Force 9 File Set I picked up from the Sentry Box a few years ago. This file set has served me well, as it comes with every file I have ever needed for miniatures as well as various other projects such as this one. I found I used 3 or 4 different files in conjunction with the carving knives to get the owl looking how I wanted and once again, the files did everything I needed them to do. I love Gale Force 9 products in general, because they offer products good for many areas of the hobby, and in my opinion their products are generally high quality and inexpensive.”

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