What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 7-13

Greg tried new Kickstarter arrival Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game. “This is the latest offering from Genius Games, who make great games with scientific themes. This one is a medium-weight, worker-placement, dice-drafting game, where players are breeding pea plants for specific genetic traits. The dice are rolled each round and represent the different traits and players draft what they need to fulfil their plants, before harvesting them and scoring points. There are action spaces to manipulate the drafting order, pick up new plant cards or tools, plant and harvest, and more, and there are upgrades a player can buy at the end of each round. It was a fun game and, as usual, comes with a booklet explaining the science behind the game. Tracy asked to play again the next day and this time she did much better, crushing me by 95 to 77. It’s a nice medium weight game with a bit of luck in the card draws and dice rolls, but with a decent amount of strategy as well.”

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