What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 31-June 6

Greg finally got around to finishing the last of the four Renegade Games puzzles – the Kids on Bikes RPG cover. “I’d been holding off because there’s a limited colour palette and some large blank areas, so it seemed a bit tricky. In the end it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought, in no small part due to the poster that comes with it that is the exact size of the puzzle itself.”

Tracy and Greg played a few more games of Dice Throne Adventures this week. “Defeating the Fallen Monk at the first attempt, taking two attempts to get through the final portal crawl, and then facing off against the Mad King, who we also defeated right away. Overall, with two offensive characters I found the portal crawls were a bit tricky, but we had an easier time against the Bosses. Our final score was 349.”

Sue painted a whole squad of Forgeworld Chaos Dwarves this week. “I would rank these models as very easy! I primed them Leadbelcher, except for the arms which I primed Mechanicus Standard Grey. Beyond that I just picked out the beards, and the wood on the weapons, and then just added a black shade to the rest. Sometimes you want to paint an elaborate model because you like it and to prove that you can to it justice. And sometimes you want to relax and paint some cool models that are very easy. That is these guys! I have always loved the look of the Warhammer Chaos Warriors, and was happy to add some dwarves into the mix!”

Renee and Jenn got a chance to play another Exit game with Christopher, this time The Haunted Roller Coaster. “We continue to absolutely love our plays of these games. In this game we were stuck in a haunted ride and had to make our way out step by step, solving one puzzle at a time, which gave the game a very linear feel and also contributed to its lower difficulty rating. The puzzles once again used the components in a fun and creative way which we enjoyed.”

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