What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 24-30

We kick-off this week’s blog with some painting done by Tia. “After months of working on it on and off, I’m finally finished Teclis! This is my first large model I’ve ever painted, and the first wings I’ve painted, so I’ve really learned a lot over the course of finishing this model.”

Greg got in another play of Terra Mystica, “I wanted to try another faction I hadn’t played, so I picked the Giants. They get a bit of a bad rep for not being great, and after playing them once I’d have to agree. Their faction ability is actually a weakness in a lot of cases and it meant I got off to a slow start. I did pick up the largest connected group of structures by the end, but it was only enough for a distant second place.”

More Dice Throne Adventures with Greg and Tracy. “We went into the next Portal Crawl with three salves, and although it started ok, it went downhill and my Pyromancer took a few hits. We got further than expected, but then the Sandworm came out and ended us because of the fact that it hit both of us at the same time. We came back later in the week for a second crack at it though, and this time things went much better. We made it through and even gained a salve, meaning we’ll have seven when we go to face the Fallen Monk next time.”

Greg also had an opportunity to play Madeira. “I wanted to try doing things a bit differently in this game, so I chose to place my starting city worker in the bread city rather than the wood city. Turns out that didn’t work too well, as I was short of wood all game and it’s important to have for most of the scoring tiles. I did manage to score a reasonable number of points for all my scoring tiles, and kept my number of pirates down, so I didn’t do too badly in the end, but only enough for second place. I did manage to score a reasonable number of points for all my scoring tiles, and kept my number of pirates down, so I didn’t do too badly in the end, but only enough for second place.”

Renee finally got Lost Ruins of Arnak to the table for a play! “This has been on my list for a while so I was very excited to finally check it out and it delivered! Jenn and I played a learning game but got enough out of it that we both decided we liked it and definitely wanted to play it some more. You have 2 workers that allow you to do some worker placement actions, with some deck building thrown in, but its a big puzzle about figuring out how to use those workers and your 5 card hand effectively in the round to maximize your actions and turn resources into points. You get unlimited main and bonus actions in a round – as long as you have resources to use and/or cards to play – so it reminds me a bit of why I like Res Arcana: it’s just fun to create a bit of an engine and see how long you get make it run before you’re forced to pass.”

Renee also got family favourite Azul to the table using the player boards in the Crystal Mosaic expansion. “This board has x2 spots that score double when you place a tile over them. What makes it interesting is that you’re trying to fill in the spots around them as much as possible before using them while trying not to wait too long so you miss out on the opportunity to use them at all.”

She has also been playing Under Falling Skies, trying different configurations of Roswell Threat Level 1. “Been enjoying tinkering with my strategy before trying a new city. Still squeaking out wins when I get them, like in this game where I won with the alien ships baring down on the city and only one spot away from them destroying it completely.”

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