What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 10-16

We start this week’s blog with Sue’s painting of some Warhammer Fantasy Orcs. “After painting Brutogg last week, I decided he needed some buddies. I got, and started, this set awhile ago, and some 40k Ork players may recognize some of the heads as I love to kitbash! I primed the torsos and pants with Mechanicus Standard Grey and Leadbelcher primer. I chose dark colors to go with the silver armor so that I could apply a black wash over the whole thing. I did drybrush the clothing before adding the wash to add more detail. I actually painted the skin a light green before applying Ork Flesh Contrast Paint. I thought it came out a little dark. I painted the teeth on after applying the wash. I used Zandri Dust and highlighted it with Wraithbone. I used a Citadel Layer Small brush for the teeth and eyes. I picked up a tip from White Dwarf years about painting horns, and made an effort to have the horns darker at the base and lighter at the tips. I love GW Orcs and was glad that I finally finished some. I’m still deciding how I want to base my Destruction guys because I wasn’t thrilled with the original basing I chose, so they’re not based yet, but will be!”

Renee finished reading Nemesis Games, the fifth book in the The Expanse series. “I really enjoyed this one in particular because it revealed some interesting backstories for a few of the main characters while still having a huge story line. This series is relentless in its telling of massive, universe-wide stories while managing to keep the character’s stories themselves incredibly intimate. There are some novellas that take place prior to the first half of the series that I’m considering reading next to see what backstories they contain, if not about the characters themselves, then about this incredible world into which I’ve found myself immersed.”

Renee picked up Under Falling Skies after hearing great things about this one player game. “It looks a bit like an analog version of Space Invaders; you’re protecting a city by shooting down the space ships that are attacking it, while attempting to learn enough about the aliens to defeat them before they destroy your city. The game play is very straightforward, you place rolled dice into rooms to gain their ability; the higher the number the more powerful the action, however the number is also how many spaces the alien ships move down on the board. The base game comes with 3 different city tiles (each with their own tunnel set up) as well as 4 double sided sky tiles that increase the threat (and difficulty) level from 0 to 4. I played with Roswell on level 0 a couple of times and won, then tried level 1 and lost just short of finishing the research track. It’s fun, quick to set up and play and seems like the base game itself will keep me entertained for a while. But the bulk of the box’s contents are for the campaign which includes 4 more entire sets of components. Pretty impressed so far.”

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