What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 10-16

We start this week’s blog with Sue’s painting of some Warhammer Fantasy Orcs. “After painting Brutogg last week, I decided he needed some buddies. I got, and started, this set awhile ago, and some 40k Ork players may recognize some of the heads as I love to kitbash! I primed the torsos and pants with Mechanicus Standard Grey and Leadbelcher primer. I chose dark colors to go with the silver armor so that I could apply a black wash over the whole thing. I did drybrush the clothing before adding the wash to add more detail. I actually painted the skin a light green before applying Ork Flesh Contrast Paint. I thought it came out a little dark. I painted the teeth on after applying the wash. I used Zandri Dust and highlighted it with Wraithbone. I used a Citadel Layer Small brush for the teeth and eyes. I picked up a tip from White Dwarf years about painting horns, and made an effort to have the horns darker at the base and lighter at the tips. I love GW Orcs and was glad that I finally finished some. I’m still deciding how I want to base my Destruction guys because I wasn’t thrilled with the original basing I chose, so they’re not based yet, but will be!”

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