What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – April 26-May 2

Greg and Tracy tried the new arrival 50 Clues: The Pendulum of the Dead. “This is another escape room style game, that I would say is kind of a cross between the Deckscape games and the Unlock games. There is a deck of cards with clues, numbers and images on them, but you also use an app to enter codes and get hints. The box has a warning for Graphic Violence and the theme is definitely a dark and morbid one, with this being Part 1 in a trilogy of games that have a connected story. Given that we were new to this style I think we were sometimes a bit unsure what to do, and although there is no timer you do lose points for entering incorrect codes. We ended with a score of 57% but hopefully now we’re more familiar we’ll do better on the other two.”

We have another update on Greg’s Dice Throne Adventures campaign. “I came in confident against The Mad King, having only lost one game previously, and equipped with five salves. Then I remembered why he is the final Boss in the game, as he quickly started to bring me down to size. I was down to four health with no salves left, and he was at 42 health. I almost pulled off a miracle, bringing him down to 13, but eventually succumbed. So I came back again, this time with 8 salves. He again started the onslaught early and I thought I was going to fail again, but with a bit of luck and some Barbarian grit I managed to finish him off, with myself at 8 health and just one salve left. My final campaign score was 375, easily my best so far!”

Renee read/played Into the Dungeon. “This is a D&D style choose your own adventure book/game where you choose a character (or roll your own) and then start on your adventure underneath an old castle, making choices along the way, some dictated by your stats, track your health and collected items and when you emerge (if you survive all your encounters) you get an ending based on your character and what you managed to bring back with you. I read/played with Christopher over FaceTime and it worked very well, me reading the story, him making choices for his character and both of us reacting to his choices and the outcomes. We read through it a few times, with different characters and making different choices to see what happened. It was a lot of fun!”

Tracy and Greg played another game of Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar with the Tribes & Prophecies expansion. “My tribe allowed me to activate an ability one step higher on the wheel once per turn when pulling workers off, for the cost of one corn, and it proved very useful indeed. I was able to get a monument built in the 1st quarter for 40 points, but then didn’t have much of a plan after that. Tracy ended up putting four crystal skulls out and caught up quite a bit but I managed to squeak a victory in final scoring.”

Greg finally read through everything in No Thank You, Evil! and Alex was excited to play right away, so they played through the first story in the book. “To the surprise of nobody Alex chose to play a Princess (called Sparkle) with a Unicorn companion (called Butterfly). Luke chose a Superhero (Batman) with a tiny T-Rex companion (inexplicably called Barry). Luke got a little distracted as we played, but Alex was engaged throughout and wanted to immediately play the next story after we had finished. I’ll save that for another time though!”

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