What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 17-23

We kick off this week’s blog with an update on Greg and Tracy’s Dice Throne Adventures campaign. “Tracy and I continued our campaign with the Cursed Pirate and Pyromancer, playing scenario 3, the second portal crawl. Playing two offensive characters with no salves was a challenge, and we did lose our first attempt, in part because we came across so many minions with first strike. We came back for a second attempt though and did much better, winning the scenario and taking five salves into the next game, which is the fight against the Fallen Gunslinger.”

They got it back to the table later on in the week. “We came up against the Fallen Gunslinger and it looked like we made the wrong choice by ignoring the Vizier as he kept removing our status effects from the Gunslinger. Tracy’s Cursed Pirate was having a particularly tough time being effective, and I thought we were going to lose, but then a timely Stun followed by a whole bunch of undefendable damage and a host of poison tokens got us the win. Got some sweet loot too.”

After their epic long Tichu game last week Greg decided to play a shorter game to just 500 points. “Matt and Tracy took an early lead but then Lani and I came back and actually ended up winning comfortably. I made one Grand Tichu, which I thought was going to be pretty straightforward but ended up being really close and needed some smart play as well as a bit of luck. Always satisfying to make those!”

Greg actually got a chance to play a four player game of Lost Ruins of Arnak, rather than just with Tracy. “I found that it opened up the options quite a bit as more of the sites got discovered, meaning it was generally a bit easier to get what you need. I also got an artifact that let me move one of my explorers to another site and I made full use of that to help get me my best score so far.”

Greg played a quick game of Coloretto. “I felt like it started ok but then went off the rails. Tracy was steaming ahead getting lots of just two colours and, despite a valiant effort to catch up by Matt, she won comfortably with one of the best scores I’ve seen (49)”

Greg also finished this 1500 piece Star Wars puzzle (sadly missing a single piece). “There were a few times when I swore I had a piece that didn’t fit anywhere, but eventually I got it done, with a bit of help from Tracy.”

This week Sue picked up WizKids Warlock Tiles – Town and Village II – Full Height Walls, and WizKids Warlock Tiles – Kitchen. “I made 3 houses. The houses are primarily furnished with accessories from Kitchen, as well as Wizkids Warlock Tiles – Marketplace. Some of the accessories are from other WizKids D&D sets, and the beds are from an old set, although WizKids currently has beds in 2 of their sets I don’t have yet, Warlock Tiles – Dungeon Dressings, and Tavern. I really like the Kitchen set, as I think it has some interesting pieces and adds some variety to the houses. Additionally, I feel that these pieces could fit in to a wide variety of settings including, a tavern, a castle, or even a hideout. I think the Town and Village walls look great, and I like that they have some variety – there are also windows and doors, as well as some lanterns and shields you can add to the walls. For even more variety, you can flip the tiles over for a stone floor, and for even more variety, this set can also be mixed with the Wizkids Warlock Tiles – Full Height Stone Walls set. I like that Wizkids offers the option for painted or unpainted accessories. I enjoy painting accessories, but getting pre-painted frees up my hobby time to paint characters. Although I did paint the treasure chests at the foot of the beds. :slightly_smiling_face: I can’t say enough how much I like these sets. I think they look great and are good for a variety of scenarios.”

The server comes with the Kitchen set.
The Tabaxi is a WizKids Premium Edition miniature.
The merchant comes with the Marketplace set.

Renee read a few of The Expanse novellas: “The Drive is a short story about the invention of the Epstein drive, but really much more about the inventor and the factors which drove him to invent. The Churn is a great look into Amos origins in Baltimore and pairs very well with the information provided in Nemesis Games. The Butcher of Anderson Station unsurprisingly is about Fred prior to his role in the novel series. I’ve enjoyed them all so far and definitely recommend checking them out if you’re reading the main books.”

Renee also discovered a graphic novel series with more origin stories of the Rocinante crew! “There are 4 issues, one for each of the main crew members. I really enjoy graphic novels as a storytelling medium so I was really excited to check these out. In addition to learning more about the crew, I enjoyed the stories themselves.”

Greg also got in a game of Spades. “I’m slowly starting to understand how to play this, what to bid, and how to help your partner out. It’s an interesting game if you like trick taking and also partnership games.” As well as a game of Sushi Go. “We played two games, the first of which went very badly for me, coming dead last with a very low score. I always go for Sashimi the same time as everyone else! The second game seemed like it was going to be bad too, but I managed to make a come back and win on the tiebreaker. Puddings for the win!”

Greg is not sure what it is about Splendor but he’s terrible at it. “We played three player and Tracy and I both ended up going for the same noble tiles, meaning we were fighting over the same colours. Matt got to go for cards we weren’t after and ended up winning easily. I do still like the game, I just need to accept that I’m never going to win!”

And finally another puzzle by Greg. “Edward does a lot of puzzles and then often passes them on to me or other staff members. This one is a 1000 piece puzzle of London landmarks and was definitely easier than the 1500 piece Star Wars puzzle I did last time. Lots of fun details and it’s reminded me of some of the great places to visit in London. Puzzles are definitely a bit harder when a cat comes and lies across them though.”

Kickstarter Update – May 19

Today we bring you another update on our Kickstarters. During the last month we’ve received 2 Kickstarter projects at the store and backed 3 additional projects. If you want to be updated when new products – including Kickstarters – arrive at Sentry Box, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  If you are interested in a project below, contact us at the store for more info, prices or to be added to the pre-orders list. It works just like any other pre-order at the store, you only pay when you pick up the game. This is a great way to get your hands on some of the most popular Kickstarter games without having to pay upfront and you don’t have to pay for shipping. Plus you get double points on all pre-orders!

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 10-16

We start this week’s blog with Sue’s painting of some Warhammer Fantasy Orcs. “After painting Brutogg last week, I decided he needed some buddies. I got, and started, this set awhile ago, and some 40k Ork players may recognize some of the heads as I love to kitbash! I primed the torsos and pants with Mechanicus Standard Grey and Leadbelcher primer. I chose dark colors to go with the silver armor so that I could apply a black wash over the whole thing. I did drybrush the clothing before adding the wash to add more detail. I actually painted the skin a light green before applying Ork Flesh Contrast Paint. I thought it came out a little dark. I painted the teeth on after applying the wash. I used Zandri Dust and highlighted it with Wraithbone. I used a Citadel Layer Small brush for the teeth and eyes. I picked up a tip from White Dwarf years about painting horns, and made an effort to have the horns darker at the base and lighter at the tips. I love GW Orcs and was glad that I finally finished some. I’m still deciding how I want to base my Destruction guys because I wasn’t thrilled with the original basing I chose, so they’re not based yet, but will be!”

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 3-9

We kick off this week’s blog with some painting projects. Sue painted Brutogg from Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. “He was my favorite model from this box set. I like his old school look! I used Gore Grunta Fur Contrast Paint for the belts boots, and armbands. I painted his shirt Thunderhawk blue with the metallic armor overtop. I wanted to be able to apply a black wash over the whole thing. I painted and drybrushed the pants to give some highlights before applying a Contrast Paint overtop. I also put flesh colored Contrast Paint in his mouth before going over the whole face, so that it would be extra dark. I painted and highlighted the face before using Guilliman Flesh over top. After that, I just painted some Wraithbone onto the teeth.”

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – April 26-May 2

Greg and Tracy tried the new arrival 50 Clues: The Pendulum of the Dead. “This is another escape room style game, that I would say is kind of a cross between the Deckscape games and the Unlock games. There is a deck of cards with clues, numbers and images on them, but you also use an app to enter codes and get hints. The box has a warning for Graphic Violence and the theme is definitely a dark and morbid one, with this being Part 1 in a trilogy of games that have a connected story. Given that we were new to this style I think we were sometimes a bit unsure what to do, and although there is no timer you do lose points for entering incorrect codes. We ended with a score of 57% but hopefully now we’re more familiar we’ll do better on the other two.”

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