What have The Sentry Box been up to – April 12-18

We start this week with Sue’s model from the Dungeons & Dragons Wizkids Unpainted Minis: Castle – Royal Court Set. “I painted him mostly using Contrast paints. I call him Gianni :)”

Here we have the first couple units of infantry for Chris’ fledgling Imperial Guard for Warhammer 40k. “These are actually models that I painted several months ago, but was waiting on supplies to wrap them up. Having now secured the specific decals and varnish needed, I’ve gone back to finish them off and also add ground cover to their bases. The standard Cadian infantry have been modified with heads ordered from Pig Iron Productions for that classic creepy-gasmask-and-helmet style. Also pictured are my Company Commander and accompanying Psyker – since I wanted to have every model wearing a gas mask, I’ve added them here from bits from the Cadian Command Squad sprue. Along with the Leman Russ tank showcased here a while back, I just need to finish one more squad to have a Combat Patrol list ready for gaming.”

Chris made more progress made on these Dystopian Wars Prussian ships, as well. “I’ve rounded out the escort ships on strength, plus of course the mighty Kaiser Karl Battleship! The turrets have been magnetized – partly to swap out weapons, but mostly so I can turn them all broadside and make cannon noises! It’s a pretty straightforward modification and I’ll be adding magnets to all my other upcoming ships with turrets as well. The little Arminius Frigates seemed in need of destroyer-style numbers, so they’ve been added with some teeny little decals originally for GHQ Micro Armour.”

Greg decided to play through a solo campaign of Dice Throne Adventures on Insane Difficulty now that he’d unlocked Legacy Pack D. “I chose the other new character from Season One Rerolled: the Ninja! The Ninja has some decent options for avoiding damage and getting undefendable damage through, and I breezed through the first four scenarios undefeated. Then the portal crawls got harder and I lost twice on Portal Crawl 3 and twice on Portal Crawl 4. I was confident going in against the Mad King as I was starting with a crazy number of salves: 16! My confidence was almost misplaced though as I only had four left by the time I defeated him. My final campaign score was a respectable 330.”

Greg finished reading: The Female Man by Joanna Russ. “There’s a bit of a back story to this one – in a conversation with Gord about books he warned me of one author I should never read, and that he had given up part way through of one of her books. Obviously, being the contrarian that I am, I immediately ordered a copy of one of her books. The Female Man is a sci-fi book, kind of. It follows four female characters from alternate histories or dimensions, who meet up. Beyond that I found it a little hard to follow. The writing style was a bit confusing to me and I didn’t always know who was in the first person. That having been said, it was a book that made me think and raised my awareness on certain topics, so I think it was a useful read.”

Jenn and Renee played Deckscape: Heist in Venice because it was a game that was easy to play outside – just a deck of cards. “After playing a bunch of EXIT games we discovered that these games do seem much more straight forward – it’s always obvious what the puzzle is and most just involve the card the puzzle is on. In this particular game the players are each given a character card with specific info/skills they have that they can use to solve puzzles during the game. In a two player game it didn’t end up being a big factor, but with more players this could be more interesting. Overall we enjoyed it, but missed the complexity of the components of the EXIT games.”

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