What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – April 5-11

We start this week with an update from Greg on Dice Throne Adventures. “I’m so pumped right now! Huntress and Seraph on Veteran difficulty coming into the fight against the Mad King with zero salves. I fully expected it to be over quickly and then we’d come back next time with a few salves to help. But then… we only went and did it!! Nyra was the MVP, taking multiple hits and healing to get back up again. Legacy Pack D here we come!!”

Kris spent the weekend revisiting an old project that fell to the wayside after our Sentry Box Take of Four Gamers series ended and managed to finish 30 Girmghast Reapers for his Age of Sigmar Nighthaunt army. “I started 10 of them back in 2018 and they have just sat on my shelf of shame since then. Happy they are finally done and looking forward to doing more on the army.”

Kris’ D&D session was a short one this week, “And as I was 1 model behind on my goal of painting 1 miniature a day for the year, I decided to take a look at my pile of models and see what I could get done. I had this converted character for a game of D&D5e that a few of the staff were playing in store, she was always pretending to be a human fighter, but was secretly a Tiefling Sorcerer, the party only ever met the Human Warrior before the campaign ran out of steam and so I never got her finished, but finally, after a bit of a wait, Miranda in her true Tiefling form. I used a Wizkids DeepCut Human Sorcerer and snipped the tail and horns of a Reaper Bones Tiefling to make her, and stuck her on one of the Gamer Grass game ready bases that I special ordered through the store. I wanted a blue skin tone for her so used the Colours from the Games Workshop Citadel Color app, for blue skin, unsurprisingly, it worked out great and I love the app for not having to worry about blends and mixes, just buy the paints it tells me and paint them on in the order it tells you, super simple, and effective. That puts me at 95/95 models/day for 2021, as of April 5th!”

Tracy asked to play Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef now that she and Greg finished their second Dice Throne campaign. “So we went from dice to dice, albeit a quite different style of game. I played Axl and Tracy took Sagashi, and we played with individual hidden goals rather than the Announcements variant. I had a vague plan that I started working towards, and then after gaining a couple of new character cards they really helped me focus in on a goal and I was able to do really well. Tracy’s cards didn’t synergize quite so well and she was always behind on the champion board, so it ended up being a comfortable victory for me for once!”

Jenn and Renee played a couple more Exit games! “Theme-wise, The Polar Station has you locked in a room with a series of locks you need to open, so nothing particularly standout there, but it has a really good mix of interesting puzzles to solve. I like that some puzzles you immediately know what you need to do, but it then takes some doing to actually solve, while other puzzles take more work to figure out how you use the items you have together but once you figure that out, its a straightforward solution. Theft on the Mississippi had a “who dun it?” theme where you have a bunch of suspects and you’re trying to figure out who stole the item. The suspects have you solve puzzles for them in exchange for information on their whereabouts and what they saw. We found this one a bit more tricky but I really enjoyed the format of the game.”

Chris picked up One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows, a mini-dungeon crawler, for its solo suitability. “It has beautiful artwork and I quite like its dice-based mechanics. The way it uses the encounter deck as a timer is a neat touch: burn through too much time, and you’ll run into more difficult challenges before gathering enough XP and loot to properly take them on. My first game didn’t go so well – some bad rolls in early encounters left me burning out pretty quickly. My second attempt went much better and I was able to build up a useful set of skills and items, managing to trek all the way through three floors of dungeon and ultimately defeat the boss, the Mud Golem! The campaign system means that my hero will be a bit stronger from the get-go next time, so I have my eye on a more difficult dungeon.”

Greg got in some more Tichu this week. “After previously playing a couple of shorter games, to 500 points, we went for a regular game to 1000 this time. An early aggressive Grand Tichu call by Lani didn’t pan out as Matt also called and made a Tichu and I went out second to grt the 1-2, meaning the scores were at 300 to minus 200 after one hand. We followed that up with another Tichu 1-2 to put ourselves firmly in the driving seat. It didn’t all go our way after that but it wasn’t too much longer before we wrapped up the win.”

He also got Dune: Imperium back to the table. “I decided to see if I could pick up points buying ‘The Spice Must Flow’ cards in this game, getting a seat on the council early. I ended up getting three of them, and also managed to pick up a bunch of points by gaining influence with the factions. I mostly ignored the conflicts, but won the final one and squeaked out a victory 13 – 11. A rare occurrence for me to win this game!”

Nothing like opening a new game! Cody finally received his Steampunk Rally: Fusion – Deluxe edition from Kickstarter he backed sometime early last year. “This version came with the original game, fusion edition and some Kickstarter exclusive inventors. Over the weekend I played a solo game to get to know the game and played a round with my wife. We were both doing fairly well, keeping close together on the track. Then she took a bunch of damage that wrecked her invention making her loose parts. I planned my last few turns to allow me to make about 10 moves on the last round allowing me to win with 6-8 spaces between us. Despite her loss she really enjoyed the game. I always enjoy a game whenever I can.”

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