Sentry Box Staff paint: Onna-bugeisha by Warlord Games

In the start of what could be a fun series, we took a box of miniatures and asked our staff if they wanted to paint them.
The first of the boxes we picked was the Onna-bugeisha box from the Warlords of Erehwon range by Warlord Games.
Danielle, Sue & Tia stepped up for this challenge so let’s see how they did!

When the new box arrived for the Onna-bugeisha arrived in the store, adding in some new sculpts to the already existing line from the Test of Honour range we immediately wanted to paint some of them up to go in to [what was then still our upcoming] display cabinets.

I had so much fun painting my three samurai warriors! For the colour schemes I drew inspiration from online pictures of traditional samurai armor and Pinterest art pieces. 

When painting I use a variety of Vallejo, Citadel, and P3 paints; I love to mix paints so I generally don’t remember the exact combinations that I’ve applied on each part of the miniature. I do remember that for the skin I used Vallejo Basic Skin Tone mixed with some Citadel Cadian Fleshtone and the Army Painter Flesh Wash. 

For my final miniature I ordered new brushes from Mooerca which made a huge difference! These brushes are intended for nail art but are perfect for adding small details and thin lines. For once painting the face went smoothly and I was able to paint flowers on the front cloth and golden details on the back cloth. I would love to paint more samurai with lots of details in the future.

– Danielle

I really like the Warlords of Erehwon models, the range is diverse and interesting and I was glad to see that they have incorporated some of the models from the Onna Bugeisha box set from Test of Honor into this range, as well as adding even more dynamic characters!

A few years ago I painted the Onna Bugeisha box set, and I was excited to paint some of the new models as well as some of the old classics. When I painted the Onna Bugeisha, the rules suggested that they were more or less trained warriors defending the homestead as opposed to a military unit.
Although I like the uniform look of a military unit, I also like the creative freedom that painting a group of trained civilians offers and I thought this was especially great for a project with multiple painters.

One of the things I found interesting was that the new models have eyebrows included in the face detail. I drew the eyebrows on one of the models with this face detail, but for the older woman, I decided to try a black wash for the eyebrow, and it worked perfectly! Perfect eyebrow, very little effort from me. I would definitely recommend using a wash for the eyebrows for anyone painting these models.

My favorite combination for an Asian skin tone is Reaper’s Sandy Brown (available through special order at the Sentry Box) with Citadel’s Kislev Flesh for the highlights. Then either a thinned down flesh wash or a thinned down brown wash over top.

For the hair, I considered blue-black, brown-black, black-black, dark brown, grey, and white. Just to mix things up I also considered bleached hair but I also wanted to be historically accurate so I researched the history of hair dye in Japan. While it appears it was possible, during this time period long, black hair was considered beautiful, and hair bleaching appears to have been frowned upon. Maybe something I would consider if I were painting a rebel or a rogue.

For the clothing, I wanted to be consistent with my paint scheme the Onna Bugeisha box set where I gave them all in different colored outfits but I gave them all black armor.
For the black armor, I painted it a dark grey and then drybrushed a light grey over top before adding a black wash. I was happy with this technique to bring out the detail of the armor, but I regret not making this armor more colorful this time around as I think it would have looked more visually interesting.

I was happy that we all ended up inadvertently choosing some of the same colors which ended up tying the models together.

In closing, I have always liked these models, and I’m glad to see that they have taken one box set and turned it into multiple box sets by adding additional sculpts. I enjoyed painting these, and am tempted to pick up more of the box sets in this range, such as the Onna-Bugeisha with longbows, Samurai Heroes, and the Sohei Warrior Monks.

I also like the way they include creatures of legend such as Tengu and Oni. Very cool range.

– Sue

I started by looking at some ideas online to help me decide on a paint scheme, at first I was going to go a more traditional route, with reds and blacks but after looking for a while, I found a drawing of a cyberpunk themed samurai.

I loved the idea, so I decided to choose bright, futuristic, flashy colors for my paint scheme.I had a difficult time painting the eyes, but I did enjoy being able to use my new ‘Instant Colors’ contrast paint.

My favorite part to paint was their hair – I wanted it to be their distinguishing feature so I chose a different color for each lady. 

Overall I had a lot of fun painting these!

– Tia

Make sure you check out these awesome models in our new display cabinets as you come in to the store and feel free to ask for any tips or recommendations from our staff, and feel free to jump on the new Sentry Box Discord server and show off your own paint jobs!

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